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CULTURE CLUB | December 22

BROADCAST: December TV Catch-Up

Turns out it’s been a good month for TV. Admittedly, I don’t have cable in my apartment, so the only reference I’ll understand is the Glee/Adele mashup at regionals because I made the bar I was at change channels. I should probably just get one of those sweet DIRECTV deals, to be a good blogger and know what’s happening to all of the Kardashians, and Snooki (is that still going on?), and the Real Housewives of Wherever. But until I do, here’s what I’m kind of sad I missed in 2011 by not having DirecTV (and only know because of FashionIndie).

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FASHIONVILLE | November 18

Are You Fab Enough to Have a Fashimal?

And that is the main career question you should be asking yourself. Only the most fabulous fashion peeps have a Fashimal, and we’re slightly obsessed with these hilariously clever doppelgängers. Including such famous industry heavy weights like Anna Wintour, André Leon Talley and Anna Dello Russo, we’re totally inspired to make our own FashionIndie Fashimals. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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SHOE ENVY: Roger Vivier Swanned Sandal

Tuesday night, we attended the loveliest cocktail party at the Roger Vivier Upper East Side store where the fall/winter “Uptown-Downtown” and limited-edition “Rendez-Vous” collections were on display. Creative director Bruno Frisoni wanted to infuse a rock ‘n roll feel into Rendez-Vous, and we are absolutely obsessing over it. Feast your eyes on the Swanned Sandal, the subject of today’s Shoe Envy, and discover why we’re coveting this collection.

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Bookclubbin’: Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures

Marisa Berenson has led the kind of charmed, impossibly chic and devastatingly fashionable life that is all but impossible to replicate today.  If only because charm, chicness and style are all but impossible to find today. Having lived her entire life in front of the camera — Marisa’s christening portrait appeared in Vogue and she covered Elle magazine with sister Berinthia “Berry” Berenson when she was five – guest editor and longtime friend Steven Meisel collected some of Berenson’s most iconic photographs, as well as personal pics of friends and families, in Rizzoli‘s goregous new tome, Marisa Berenson: A Life in Pictures (2011). 

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