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Harper’s “Bazaar” Attempt to Make Me Spend Money

It’s hard for a hardened fashionite to admit love to a single publication, being that there are sooo many options, and no mere mortal has the time, or the bank account, to purchase and privy all the amazing editorials produced each month in lesser known titles like Acne Paper or Purple Mag, which is why it’s refreshing for me to be able to admit that Harper’s is my hands down, favorite big box, kind of the equivalent of Walmart to Dazed & Confused‘s mom & pop, fashion glossy.

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SCENTS | October 31

Carine Roitfeld Rumored to Launch Perfume

What do you think Eau de Carine will smell like? The former editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld is quickly becoming the busiest woman in the fashion industry. With the release of the debut issue of CR Fashion Book and new job as Global Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar, Carine is also rumored to be adding a signature fragrance to her itinerary. 

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The Golden Girls: A Quartet of 80-Year-Old Supermodels

Combined, they are over 300 years old, or roughly 15 times older than Karlie Kloss and half as old as Cher. These four ladies have been generally owning the world since the Great Depression, and even though prices have gone up, they still have the receipts in the form of their flawless vitality. Set Shady Pines on fire and bust out the cheesecake ’cause we’re hanging with the girls today: baby of the bunch at 81, Carmen Dell’Orefice, the eternally elegant  China Machado, relative newcomer Jacquie Tajah Murdock and “World’s Oldest Supermodel” Daphne Selfe

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FASHIONVILLE | September 27

Elmo Does Trapeze in Comme Des Garçons

Oscar the Grouch may be getting his own Louboutin, but Harper’s Bazaar has gone all StyleLikeU with Elmo, as they invade the famous red muppet’s closet. They talk designers and favorite things to wear, but oddly left Muppets Take the Runway out. Harper’s Laura Brown tries to explain to Elmo which looks are so Viktor & Rolf, Comme des Garçons. She says that his gold winged sneakers are very next-season Prada, but we think they’re more Jeremy Scott

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BOOKCLUBBIN’ — Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

Does anything in life matter besides fashion, art, sex and disco? Short answer: no. In addition to my meditation mantra, those have always been the main tenants of my life and the same can be said for fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez. Lopez is largely forgotten today, but the new book from Rizzoli, Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, will easily change that.

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Eleanor Lambert, Godmother of American Fashion

Simply put, without Eleanor Lambert there would be no American fashion industry. At least not the multi-billion dollar, obsessively publicized, obsessively scrutinized and obsessively obsessed over entity which we know and love/secretly hate today. An extraordinary woman by any means, she lived to be 100 and in her lifetime she contributed as much to fashion as any designer or editor, while etching out the role of the fashion publicist. PR girls, take note — this is the stuff you’re made of.

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A Guide to Knowing Your September Issue Cover Stars

The all-important September issue is usually a fashion pub’s biggest and bestselling of the year — so mag’s are not messing around with their cover girls. As you know, Lady Gaga is set for the seminal Vogue cover, but after the jump take a look at who else the top titles have in store, as well as stats on their last cover appearance, sales performance and the reasoning behind their selection. 

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