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Desert Trendspotting: Western Vintage

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The winter weather is finally turning and we’ve started to switch out our wardrobes to get set for summer.  While filling out our closets, we’re checking off our list of summer staples: maxi dresses, vintage prints, short boots, ripped up tees, and worn in denim have all made the cut.  For some style inspiration, we’ve turned to the hundred degree heat of the desert at the Coachella Music Festival.  Pick up some tips on western-vintage summer dressing from the style mavens below: Read the rest…

DESIGNER DISCOVERY: Eva Kaufman With Fête Hair Accessories

Eva Kaufman isn’t  following the headband trend; she has designing vintage inspired feather hair accessories since 2004. Her creations are pure jewelry, making any girl into a classy lady. She’s inspired by the 1920′s to the 1950′s. Each headband is handmade. They are one of a kind and you can even order your own customized headbands: pick the colors, the feathers, and the designs!

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DESIGNER TO KNOW: Anastasia Chatzka

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Anastasia Chatzka, a Chicago designer that has worked with the likes of Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui, is making a splash in the headband world with these crazy decorated bird and bow bands.  A refreshing change from plain or simple bowed headbands, these are sure to get noticed, and become the perfect accessory!  They’re currently unavailable through Anastasia’s Etsy shop, but her online shop should be up soon! In the meantime, check out the headband collection, among other things, on her site

SOURCE: High Snobette

UPDATE: I’ve just received the media kit, Anastasia’s online store will be up VERY soon, and will have all of the S/S ’09 stuff, including:

WTF!?! Whitney Port

I can’t say it better than this:

Like, I get them. I still think they look like the jeans I wear to garden in, and that — at best — they’re really too casual for anything other than daytime running around town, but I GET IT. We’re all wearing our fat jeans out and about right now and that’s okay. It’s temporary. In fact, my theory is that this is a natural next step from how we all started wearing big floaty tops and dresses a few years ago and haven’t entirely stopped: it’s because we all realized that wearing something that didn’t require sucking in our stomachs constantly was DELIGHTFUL. I guarantee, in fact, that I am going to get a pair very much like these at some point — because I am sadly prone to following jeans trends, with the exception of the high-waisted, because I am not totally out of my mind — and that there will then be a point where I am wearing them and I catch sight of myself in a mirror out at the market or whatever and I think to myself, “JESUS CHRIST THESE JEANS ADD TEN POUNDS TO ME WHAT AM I DOING?” but then I’ll be out and about and stuck in them for at least the next hour and then we’ll all be filled with pants-related-regret. I’ll let you know when that happens. But this is not about her jeans, contrary to what you might have anticipated after reading all that. It is not about her matchy-matchy black-and-white color scheme. It is about her freaking headband. It looks like a spitball on her head.  Stop the headband madness, girls. None of us are Blair Waldorf.

Written by gofugyourself

I’m Over It: The Brain Restrictor

So two of our writers simultaneously decided to write about their hatred for headbands…

From Andy Wass

What are these even called? I need to differentiate them from regular headbands. So forehead bands are obviously for when you’re going for the Bret Michaels/goddess look.

Now, I generally LOVE bohemian and Native American-inspired looks.  But the reason I’m sick of these little headbands is because, as Mischa Barton has showed us countless times, they are SO difficult to pull off, yet girls insist on wearing them.  I don’t know if my hair is too greasy, or my head is deformed, but when I’ve tried to wear a string around my face, it only stays in place until I start moving or sneeze or talk or breathe or blink. Then it slides down or up and makes the top of my hair resemble a bicycle helmet.

Also, my general philosophy is that if everyone is wearing the same thing, I become such the contrarian and trend-stopper.  I’m tempted to sneak downtown with a pair of scissors and just snip these headbands off girls’ heads while they aren’t looking.  So please let your brains relax and keep your hair dent-free.

First image from Urban Outfitters.

From Yael Friedman

Ever wonder why some celebrities seem so stupid? I mean not just dropped on the head as a baby dumb, or raised by Britney Spears dumb, but really missing a chromosome or two dumb. It just might be cuz they have giant sticks up there asses, but, wait, that’s not it, since most of them got that removed the first time they rushed to the docs for lipo.

So what’s the answer?

This fashion detective finally figured it out; it’s those wicked tight headbands worn Indian Chief Style that keeps the oxygen from flowing into their brains. It’s this which leads them to say and do things that seem totally insane to normal people. This is not meant to diss headbands or Native Americanos, but when you’re wearing a headband that makes you loose all feeling in your brain, then you are caught talking about the evils of the world and why no one is fetching you your Redbull, it’s time to take it off.

Sidenote, is it just me or have you noticed that when a celebrity gets arrested they’re usually wearing something around her head? Coincidence?  I think not…

Indies, let me know which opinion you agree with more!

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