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Older stories
BEAUTY / May 8 2012 12:30 PM

10 Best & Worst Celebrity Botox Jobs

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Happy Birthday Botox! It has been 10 years since the FDA approved the use of Botox as a cosmetic (and 10 years since Martin Scorsese complained that it made it impossible for actors to express emotion). We thought we’d say happy birthday with a gallery of Hollywood Botox jobs.  From flawless Cindy Crawford to…. well, Carrot Top, here are the top five best and worst celebrities botox jobs.


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FASHION / April 26 2012 11:20 AM

INDIE REWIND: 10 Trends Americans Have Run into the Ground

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When it comes to fashion, America has a checkered history of following trends. Sure, there have been the good — the Brit-Mod 60s, the wrap-dress 70s, the coke-bag 80s — but for every Mondrian shift there’s a Juicy Couture tracksuit. Whether imported or homegrown, these trends have created a blight on American fashion. By pointing them out FashionIndie hopes to do our patriotic duty to right the sartorial wrongs of our fore-mothers and fathers and build a better, fiercer future for the children. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

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BEAUTY / March 22 2010 9:35 PM

Heidi Claims She’s Done

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Heidi Claims Shes Done

Though the reality star has said that she plans on getting several other plastic surgery procedures, she has recently stated that she is “good for awhile” and “surger-ied out”. Not sure if that’s her decision or the doctor’s orders; on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last Friday, she said that legally she can’t get more surgery because she’s already a size 700cc and the limit is 800. Either way, I’m glad she’s giving it a rest.

And of course, she’s still claiming she’s not addicted.


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GIRLS / March 9 2010 11:55 AM

Heidi Montag’s Face Will Most Likely Haunt My Dreams Tonight [VIDEO]

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Heidi Montags Face Will Most Likely Haunt My Dreams Tonight [VIDEO]

Heidi Montag attempts to make a joke about her plastic surgery, but forgets that we’re laughing at her .. not with her. This video kind of reminds me of advice my mom used to give me as a child. She used to say if you can’t beat them, join them. Unfortunately, the “you” in this case would be the monstrously misshaped Heidi and the “them” is the recent of mentally stable civilization. We’ve got the exclusive Funny or Die video after the jump.

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