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NEWS / April 9 2012 4:15 PM

Easter Hats Gone Wild, Anne Hathaway’s ‘Miserables’ Haircut and Facebook ‘Likes’ Instagram for $1B

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Scarlett Johansson has apparently been moonlighting from her unconvincing portrayal of an actress to hawk sex toys in Mexico. [TMZ]

- Lindsay Lohan has been accused of attacking a woman in West Hollywood, but LiLo denies the charges. She only attacks people when there’s a rogue SUV involved, thank you. [NYDN]

- Some people brought their A-Easter-hat-game yesterday for New York’s annual Easter Parade, particularly this gal who clearly decimated a forest of drag queens for her chapeau. [Paper]

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BEAUTY / April 4 2012 10:04 AM

5 Hot Hair Trends to Keep You Cool This Spring

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Despite the random drop in temperature this week, it is technically Spring. Soon it will be time for flowing dresses, cutoff shorts and light, airy hairstyles that won’t have your neck gasping for air. We picked our five favorite spring ‘dos to keep you cool when the temperatures finally rise.

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CULTURE / March 12 2012 9:15 AM

Hunger Games Disney Tributes!

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The sensationalized violence of the Hunger Games books is about to come to life on screen and we cannot wait to see what type of adaptations deem it PG-13 appropriate.  The blood soaked plots and violence between teenagers have sparked quite the controversy, so we took it upon ourselves to cast a new, child friendly Disney version.  We matched up The Hunger Games tributes with their Disney character counterparts in this fun little roundup to satiate your fictional cravings.  Enjoy!

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FASHION, FILM MAJOR / February 24 2012 4:44 PM

Speaking of Capitol Couture…Hello Meadham Kirchhoff at LFW

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Meadham Kirchoff showed earlier this week at London Fashion Week, and his last four looks seemed plucked straight up out of the Hunger Game‘s Capitol. Think dyed skin, bowed hued hair, glittering wrap-up-the-leg shoes, sheer bright flounce and a more is more is MORE philosophy. Octavia, Katniss Everdeen’s colorful aesthetician, would look killer in this, donchathink? What say ye, Capitol Couture?

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FASHION, FILM MAJOR / February 24 2012 3:40 PM

Lenny Kravitz is Looking for More Hunger Game Stylists. Are You Game?

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If you, too, gobbled up the Hunger Games, and also consider yourself a very hungry stylist (what stylist isn’t starving?), you’ve got to get yourself into this competition. Much like battling to the death on live television, the official blog of The Hunger Games movie, Capitol Couture, is holding a competition on foot, and they’re asking volunteer tributes to design shoes via sketches/photos/paintings/3D renderings/any medium of your choice. Meanwhile, the blog is reporting on some seriously stunning designers, like RodarteMalgorzata Dudek, Iris Van Herpen, and other futuristic indies. 

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