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Older stories
THE BURNBOOK / February 28 2008 9:52 PM

Perez Hilton Get’s Caught With His Pants Down

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I swear this video is a timeline of Perez Hilton getting fatter and fatter. Take a second away from the computer buddy and jump on a treadmill.

In other news, the gossiper we most love to hate on just hit Page 6 of the Post. Apparently he asked some 24 year old blogger to send him nude picts and videos of him “doing his thing”. The blogger Jonathan Jaxson of JJ’s Dirt said he had approached Perez for advice on building blog traffic and then promised to send picts in exchange for links. Yes, this is what the world of gossip is all about, trading sexual favors for online coverage. Guess it can’t be as bad as trading coke for cover girls, but it’s pretty skevie nonetheless.

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Uncategorized / February 24 2008 4:38 PM

Fashion Indie Loves Beth Ditto

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Fashion Indie Loves Beth DittoIn a world run amok by size -2 models and hyperthinness (a term coined by Lagerfeld), it’s refreshing to see indie big girl Beth Ditto getting the attention she deserves. We have never stated our love for the plus-size icon, but we thought it was about time. If you don’t know dit about Ditto here’s a scoop of rocky road to get you up to date.

Beth Ditto is frontwoman of the UK band The Gossip. The Gossip is by far one of the most amazing bands coming out of the UK. Very indie, very dance party ready. We are featuring their video on Fashion Indie TV right now.

Check out more photos from Beth Ditto’s Pop Magazine spread after the jump…

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Uncategorized / February 22 2008 5:38 PM

Semi Precious Weapons Party with Kate Moss

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Semi Precious Weapons Party with Kate Moss

Semi Precious Weapons Party with Kate Moss

She gets so sleepy with out a powdery pick me up

We all know he’s “been magnetic” since he was a baby, but we didn’t know how snuggly our favorite indie was with our favorite model, Kate Moss

Moss partied the night away in trendy West London night spot The Notting Hill Arts Club. She was there to party with the Semi Precious Weapons as they rocked and continued on their tour of London. Jealous is not the word to describe this feeling, it’s more like blind, uncontrolled envy. Congrats Justin, you know you rocketh best.

You can see the Weapons perform on February 28th at The R Bar 218 The Bowery [btwn Prince & Spring], New York. (It may be your last chance before they explode and get all Maroon 5y on all the little folks.)

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GIRLS / February 19 2008 7:19 PM

The Blessed : The Anti-Gap Loves the Anti-Anna

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The Blessed : The Anti Gap Loves the Anti Anna

(Photo: Hedi Slimane)

Although the spring fashion issue of New York mag has been tarnished by the image of a Marylinesque Lindsay Lohan and an even more self-flagulating image of Andre 3000 (apparently the Outkast best known for dressing like an idiot thinks he can design clothes. see more after the jump), there are some glimors of hope in what is seasonally my favorite read. Namely the Anti-Anna article on French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. With photos by Hedi Slimane, the article goes deep into the life of the editrix who’s been responsible for providing the European world with a good shot of take no prisoners, make no apologies style. Probably the best part is hearing of their distribution rate, 130,000 copies, which technically means that Fashion Indie gets more readers than French Vogue!!! Good to know, good to know.

Here are some snips from the interview from the woman that put Andre J on the map and mocks Wintour, a bit.

The Blessed : The Anti Gap Loves the Anti Anna

Roitfeld On Getting Older:
“I follow an advice of Tom Ford: When you get older, you have to get blonder. It is my surfer look.”

Roitfeld On Fellow Editors:

“Some editors, they have that, they know all the designer from the beginning of the nineteenth century. They know this is triple cashmere, this is simple cashmere. Maybe they went to fashion school. Me, I don’t. I just get a feeling about what is exciting. It is all just from feeling. So I don’t know”—she pulls her lips into a pout and gives one of those poufy little French exhales—“I think maybe I have a talent.”

Roitfeld On Personal Style:

“The American editors are very, how you say, slick,” Roitfeld says. “Very perfect. Hair is perfect, they have a manicure. They are very clean, they follow fashion. I don’t think they take many risks. They do the total look of Prada. Me, I wear a lot of Japanese piece mixed with a bit of classic Hermès and Prada. Even though jeans suit me, I never wear jeans.”

Roitfeld on Anna Wintour:

“Like Anna, she becomes so iconic that she becomes like a puppet. I don’t want to be like that, I don’t want to wear this uniform, I don’t want to be just an envelope.”

Roitfeld on Her Future:

“I never wanted to be what I am today, and I will not die in the position.”

Roitfeld On Fashion:

“Right now I think that fashion in the world becomes a bit boring. There is so much money, and I feel a bit when you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag.”

Roitfeld On “The Scale”:

“So people always say that I weigh my staff, and it is totally wrong. All my girls are very skinny and very chic and very beautiful. And if they are not beautiful, well, then they are very charming. So people always say that I weigh them, but no. I don’t weigh my girls.”

Read the full article HERE.

For more reasons why Andre Benjamin shouldn’t be in fashion, make the jump…

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Uncategorized / February 14 2008 4:34 PM

Street Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be Worse

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So maybe you don’t have some dude or dudette picking out flowers for you today. Maybe there isn’t going to be a half-nakey chica waiting for you in a teddy when you get home from work. And maybe you won’t end the night in your loved ones arms as they whisper sweet somethings into your ear as you drift away. Hell, Indies I know that sounds bad, but it could be worse, allot worse.

Street Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be WorseStreet Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be Worse

1. You could be dating one of the scary @ss male models that hit the runway this season. Manorexia is so not hot and who wants a boyfriend who will steal your jeans. Does anyone date these boyish beings? And why is that dude biting his cheeks so hard?

Street Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be Worse

2. You could be this couple. Has no one dropped him a hint that she might be packing a little something extra under her Baby Phat?

Street Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be Worse

3. You could be either of these two on Valentines day. It’s bad enough that you’re, how do I put this softly, oh yeah, a complete trainwreck in the face, body and personality department, but do you really need to dress badly as well. Mr. Mickey (Paper Magazine) obviously made this sweater himself, possibly the result of the past ten years he’s spent alone at home, and Lauren Ezersky most likely killed a Pomeranian to make that hat. For shame fashion “icons”, for shame.

Street Zero: Lonely Valentines? It Could Be Worse

4. You could be a 25 year old nobody who’s only claim to fame is the fact that you date a 40+ year old world famous designer. (Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad. Kimora I’m ready and willing if you are)

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GIRLS / February 13 2008 10:51 PM

Marc Jacobs Comments on Cathy Horyn’s Blog

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Hey Marc,

What’s the deal buddy? I thought we had a real connection when I friended you on MySpace? I thought we we’re cool when I crashed your Fall 2007 show (much better collection dude, what’s with the downward spiral). We had a real connection Marcie (Mark-ie), a real one-on-one connection, and then I see this little number on Cathy’s blog. This is the equivalent of blog adultery. Is Cathy a bigger slut than us? Does she do the things that we just can’t do. I saw your tongue wagging at the Louis show. I should have known it was only a matter of time before this.

Marc Jacobs Comments on Cathy Horyns Blog

“Dear Cathy ….. I wish you could have been at my show. I think it was a really good one. I am happy with it on every level. I deliberately stated I was uninspired this season as I have felt that talking about inspiration is so not the point to making and showing a collection. Inspiration is a catalyst. one is left with an interpretation of those thoughts. In a show context they are meant to “say” something…..I felt it necessary to allow the audience to say what they want, to see what they saw. There was no wrong or right. everyone is entitled to their opinions. Big deal….My last few collections have been nothing but an expression of where I am at and what interests me and my team in terms of cut, shape, color and our individual interests in fashionable clothes. I find so many aspects of life today fascinating…I don’t work in a bubble. I am influenced by the world, and what of the world I know, remember, and hope for. I look forward to the chance to speak to you soon…I really felt a need for calm, and yes, each season is a reaction to the one that came before it. I am certain that what we chose to promote this season was the only, and perfect answer. and, for all those who think Spring Summer didn’t sell…..perhaps, they should check our figures before assuming such as fact. I hope you are feeling better…All my best, Marc.”

I feel the cold in the dark shadow of your wandering blogger lust. I know what it is to die a little inside now.

Love (at least I thought it was),

Fashion Indie

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