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Older stories
FASHION, NEWS / August 29 2012 7:00 AM

Christian Louboutin Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out with Three Exclusive Styles

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For this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, many brands are celebrating in different ways. Some might have parities going on in the store, others have free concerts and giveaways, and then some have exclusive products that they will be selling. High-end shoe designer Christian Louboutin is releasing a three piece exclusive collection on FNO and they are definitely covet-worthy. 

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NEWS / August 27 2012 4:00 PM

Transfer Your Doodles to Your Laptop With Moleskin’s Smart Notebook

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Passing notes was a thing we did in middle school with our crush that sat across the class from us. As your crush has matured from a pimply 13-year old to a studly Wall Street millionaire, so has our note passing technology. In a world of gchatting and emails, Moleskin has created a notebook accompanied with an app that will digitize your doodles and notes and send them straight to your laptop or iPhone

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FASHION, MEN'S / January 5 2012 9:00 AM

His & Her iPad Cases

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Fashion is really trying to keep up with technology. Most luxury brands now cater to making accessories for electronic devices such as the iPad. We’ve handpicked some iPad case choices from our favorite designers that will please both men and women. 

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CONTESTS, FASHION / December 21 2011 1:00 PM

WIN a Fab Hooded Fur Scarf from Charlotte & Lisa!

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What happens when two freshman at NYU meet in Paris and share their love for fashion, culture and the City of Lights? Charlotte Beecham and Lisa George can tell the tale, as their friendship and appreciation for the same pleasures in life turned into a sophisticated line of scarves, Charlotte & Lisa. I caught up with the design duo to talk about holiday dressing, cold weather staples and their favorite fashion moments of 2011. Click for the Q&A and a chance to win a gorgeous hooded fur scarf from the brand.

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