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Older stories
NEWS / August 27 2012 4:00 PM

Transfer Your Doodles to Your Laptop With Moleskin’s Smart Notebook

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Passing notes was a thing we did in middle school with our crush that sat across the class from us. As your crush has matured from a pimply 13-year old to a studly Wall Street millionaire, so has our note passing technology. In a world of gchatting and emails, Moleskin has created a notebook accompanied with an app that will digitize your doodles and notes and send them straight to your laptop or iPhone

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FASHION / December 2 2011 4:15 PM

FashioninDIY: How To Make Your Gloves Work on a Touch Screen

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It’s a problem that has been plaguing humankind for centuries: mid-winter, outdoor, touch screen texting. Pretty soon, exposing even a little finger will be unbearable! Take matters into your own hands and end the suffering. Turn any pair of gloves into static-electricity-conducing machines with these simple steps. And stay toasty whilst tinkering with your iPhone/iPad/Droid/Blackberry/…

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CULTURE, FASHION, MEN'S / October 27 2011 3:32 PM

8 Shopping Apps To Save You From Holiday Shopper Problems

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It’s the holiday season. The only time of year where you can genuinely say you hate shopping. To save you from having to camp out for door buster sales, beat down crazy shopping moms and having to wait in long lines at the register, we’ve pulled together eight of our favorite shopping apps for your iPhone and/or iPad to make holiday shopping a breeze this year, despite your busy schedule.

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