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Lulu Frosting…

Not too long ago, a girl named Lisa started Lulu Frost and launched a new generation of girls’ obsession for jewelry. We paid the designer a visit and fell madly, deeply in love with what’s in her drawers.

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FASHIONVILLE | December 28

9 New Years Dresses I’m Currently Stalking

For those of you still lacking in a proper outfit to ring in the 2013, I have some picks that might fit with whatever plans you have conjured up. From drinking the night away in some cheesy 3-story club playing outdated techno remixes, to a dinner party with some ‘friends’ in which you will attach yourself to every single elegible bastard in hopes of getting laid, I have the right dress to help you in your endeavor. And, you can still get it overnighted in time for the festivities!

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GET TO KNOW | December 20

Get To Know DIY Darling Grace Atwood

Grace Atwood, of the uber fabulous blog Stripes And Sequins, is one of the most talented and hardworking women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I met Grace a while back at a Rebecca Minkoff Girls’ Night Out event, and we quickly became besties. From the outside, her life seems perfect, she juggles work (she holds the position of Director of Social Media at Bauble Bar), her blog, and her personal life like a pro, and still seems finds time to have some fun. She brilliantly comes up with DIY projects that her readers devour, and brands line up to work with the maven.  I sat down with the influencer to discuss her career path, her favorite NYC spots, and her must have beauty products.

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3 Chanel Inspired Jackets For Under $300

Nothing says “I’m serious about going back to school” like the polished look of a $5,000 Chanel jacket.  Wishful thinking right?  Good thing we’re always on the look out for a bargain. We found these stunning Chanel inspired jackets at the J. Crew summer sale, all for under $300, because as Miss Coco Chanel said herself, “There are people who have money, and people who are rich”… and people like us who just have style. 

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Hangover Hanger: Today’s Best Online Sales

Sunday Hangover [suhn-dey, hang-oh-ver]  (noun): The horrific hangover one wakes up with after a weekend full of drunken debauchery.

Partying your Saturday night away can be a blast, but waking up hungover the next morning may just be the worst feeling ever.  Our favorite remedy: a bunch of online retail therapy, direct from your bed. Here are our recommendations of where to shop this weekend.

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17 Ways to Pick a Pocket

Steal from the men, and score free shoulders, arms and hands. Go bag-less by picking the best pockets to carry your necessities. Phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, GO. Pick the pocket that’s best for you.

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