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Harper’s “Bazaar” Attempt to Make Me Spend Money

It’s hard for a hardened fashionite to admit love to a single publication, being that there are sooo many options, and no mere mortal has the time, or the bank account, to purchase and privy all the amazing editorials produced each month in lesser known titles like Acne Paper or Purple Mag, which is why it’s refreshing for me to be able to admit that Harper’s is my hands down, favorite big box, kind of the equivalent of Walmart to Dazed & Confused‘s mom & pop, fashion glossy.

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Which Stars Sew Clothes & Win Grammys?

Some musicians blow up, then scramble a fashion line around their fame (ahem, J.Lo, Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson…). Others started by making their own clothes to perform in, then went on to win bundles of Grammys. The proof is in the trophy count. Just ask Mr. Paltrow or our Mother Monster. Which popstars-in-the-making are following (handcrafted) suit?

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LINKLOVIN | March 12

Alexander Wang’s Legal Woes Continue, J. Lo Covers Vogue and Derek Lam Leaves Tod’s

- Another Alexander Wang employee has jumped on the legal bandwagon, suing the designer for being subjected to sweatshop labor conditions. And I supposed if everyone jumped out of a burning factory after working a 90-hour week they would do that too. [NY Post]

-  Noted…Brit dude Piers Morgan thinks Kate Moss is “a vile little creature,” it seems, because she kicks him every time she sees him. Some people are so sensitive. [Telegraph]

- Jennifer Lopez breaks out her best smolder for the April cover of Vogue for the third popstar– is that what we’re calling her these days? —  in a row to be featured this year. [Fashionista]

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LINKLOVIN | February 27

Christopher Kane to Dior?, Joan Smalls’ Vogue Italia Cover Kind of a Big Deal and J. Lo’s Nip Slip Fib

- Some time actress and one time fembot Sean Young was arrested at the Governor’s Ball for slapping a security guard. Now that’s how you start a comeback, kids. [TMZ]

- Suzy Menkes thinks Christopher Kane could be in line to take over Dior. Then again, Stefano Pilati has some free time on his hands these days. [Vogue UK]

- Joan Smalls is the first black model to cover Vogue Italia since the epic “Black Issue” in 2008. And wouldn’t you know it, that bitch stole my look. [Huff Po]

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The 10 Most (and Least) Oscar-Worthy Gowns from Haute Couture Fashion Week

As many a starlet is aware, looks don’t always translate well from the runway to the red carpet. Nowhere is this more true than in haute couture. Sure, this gown costs $35,000, was constructed by a team of half-blind old ladies whose skills are so specialized they can be classified as endangered species and contains actual diamonds, but Joan Rivers still thinks you look like a refugee from some drag queen concentration camp. No, events like the Oscars require a little discretion and the simpler you keep it, the better. Of course, there are exceptions, but not every actress is a Charlize Theron, a Cate Blanchett, a Nicole Kidman or a Tilda Swinton — risk-takers who can pull off haute couture with the greatest of ease. For the rest of ‘em, here are 10 safe gowns sure to please along with 10 only the brave of soul and intrepid of style should even consider.

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FASHIONVILLE | December 14

Gloria Estefan: A Style Retrospective

The Queen of Latin Pop — take a backseat in that Fiat 500 J. Lo — Gloria Estefan was recently signed to Wilhelmina Models’ Artist Management division, joining the ranks of fellow musicians Fergie and Natasha Bedingfield as well as supermodels Coco Rocha, Gabriel Aubry and Mark Vanderloo. To commemorate La Estefan’s foray into the fashion world, we present you with a look back at her style over the years. Come on shake your body, let’s do the conga down memory lane!

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CULTURE CLUB | November 29

Hedy Lamarr: Orgasm Pioneer, Hollywood Bombshell, Wartime Inventor

They just don’t make movie stars like they used to. The Elizabeth Taylors of the world are all gone and we’re left with the Lindsay Lohans, the Bradley Coopers and the occasional Angelina Jolies, sandwiched somewhere between the Snookis and the Kim Kardashians. But back in the good ole days of the Hollywood studio system, you couldn’t throw a tantrum without hitting a genuine movie star. And that star could legitimately sing, dance and act — none of that half-assed Jennifer Lopez business. In the case of Hedy Lamarr, not only was she a gorgeous screen siren — but she escaped the Nazis, was the first woman to simulate an orgasm on-screen and basically invented the basis for Bluetooth. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan can’t stay out of jail long enough to simulate a career. 

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It’s OK to Be Fooled by the Rocks That She’s Got, Jenny’s Not Stepping Foot on the Block

A friend of mine always sees red whenever the Fiat 500 commercial with Jennifer Lopez comes on. As he puts it, ”Give me a break, bitch. Why don’t you just own the fact that you are not still ‘Jenny from the Block,’ that you have no clue where the hell this block is, but if you did you would buy it and burn it down?” Well turns out J.Lo used a body-double in that ad since she refused to go anywhere near the Bronx.

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Seven Sparkling Sequined Pieces Perfect for the Casino Getaway

What’s the best part about living in New York City? Flashy, trashy, good time gambling town Atlantic City is a mere few hours away. Okay, maybe it’s not the best thing, but it sure is fun when you have a hankering for craps and Vegas isn’t in your budget. In addition to the essentials like poker face, boozing cap and dancing shoes, flamboyantly glittering garments and accessories are a must for this weekend getaway. Click through for seven of our favorite pieces.

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