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SHOES, TRENDS / June 14 2012 11:00 AM

Sneaker Wedges. Ugly or Awesome? Discuss.

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Marc Jacobs (sorry, marc by) made it hot. Jeffrey Campbell ran with it. Isabel Marant is on board, and so is Guiseppe ZanottiSolestruck has only heels in their “sneaker” category, and The Daily Beast calls it the “Ugliest Shoe of the Summer,” but do we trust their opinions? Though we’re naturally inclined to throw a heel on most things, the sneaker wedge is a little confusing. On the version that’s become the true “It” shoe, the heel is hidden. It kind of just looks like a high top, only you get taller in it. So… are we just condoning… sneakers? Look at the options, and discuss. 

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ROUNDUP, SHOES / June 13 2012 10:16 AM

9 Chic Shoes for a Muddy Festival

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A single drop of rain can turn a festival into a mushy moshpit. You have several (pretty terrible) options: Destroy your TOMS/Chucks and walk with soggy feet. Sacrifice an ankle strappy sandal. Go barefoot and risk shards of bong in your foot. Flip flops are not an option. (Trust.) The solution: Bring a pair of rain shoes and become impervious to the muddy elements. There are a lot of hideous ones out there. Check the cute ones we found, like the brand new all rubber Docs.

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FASHION / May 19 2012 11:00 AM

Night to Day: Outfit for a Shame-Free Sunday

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The heat is rising, and so are the odds that you’re going to score tonight. You’re more of a Stride of Pride kinda gal, so you need a look that will hit it right at night, and then morph into perfect brunch regalia. Though this lady here is walking with her head held tall, her outfit still screams evening. The look I’ve compiled will get you thinking ahead, getting ready for the morning after. Just add luck. 

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FASHION / May 17 2012 1:11 PM

The Wear on Drugs

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The time is nigh. High and bye. Hello good friends and fortuity, for you set forth on a journey of the body, the soul, the music, the mind, the dance. Different realms might you encounter. Adorned appropriately you shall be. On Molly, on Lucy, on dancer and prance! By rave or by sea, through woods festively, you dress for the adventure. May you do it sparingly, epically and wisely.

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FASHION / April 18 2012 3:00 PM

Springing for Psychedelic Fashion

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Now that spring has officially arrived, people are ditching their black wardrobes for eccentric patterns and cheerful colors. So we’ve found some groovy psychedelic pieces that will brighten up your mood and wardrobe. Express your inner hippie with these warm weather-worthy pieces.

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