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FASHION / September 2 2011 3:00 PM

Top 10 Shoes for Running Around NYFW + Discreet Emergency Flats

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New York Fashion Week is approaching with fierceness and rapid force, and we are laying out our wardrobes in preparation for the madness. What you wear on your feet might be the most important part of your NYFW outfits – they have to be comfortable, fabulous and make you move faster than the speed of light. From shows to parties and beyond, here are 10 shoes perfect for running around NYC for Fashion Week. Plus, we’ll show you two discreet pairs of flats that easily fit in your purse just in case your feet fail you.

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FASHION / August 24 2011 3:42 PM

Keep Summer Alive With Our Favorite End-of-Season Sales

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The only positive point about summer coming to an end is the string of fabulous end-of-season sales all around the city and online. Because NYC summers usually last well into September, we’re all feeling a wardrobe refresher is needed to layer with our lighter fall pieces, just in time for Fashion Week. Now is the time to buy, but we understand the sale racks can be intimidating. Here are the FashionIndie editors’ picks for favorite end-of-season sales - we scoured the racks so you don’t have to.

Keep Summer Alive With Our Favorite End of Season Sales

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FASHION, GIRLS / July 11 2011 11:50 AM

What Thee Shouldst Wear for A Midsummer Day’s Work

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Thy day is fraught with temperature burning.

Thou wouldst to wear a muumuu, else nothing,

but work awaits ye, chic o thee must be.

Hark! Ensembles o’er here! Thrice beest thine!

And all that is made cometh from here,

the States that doth be United in

America. Except for all shoes.

Find thyself looking bright to work ere’day,

Support thee and thy country in this way.


***Sparknotes version: Three looks for work on a summer’s day. All made in the USA, shoes not withstanding. See it all here.

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FASHION / July 8 2011 11:44 AM

15 Patriotic Pieces We Love

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Too much patriotism can come off as daunting, especially when literally wearing your heart for America on your sleeve. But when done right, one piece at a time, some stars, stripes, red, white and blue can look fantastic. Here are the top 15 patriotic pieces we love right now during our month of Americana.

15 Patriotic Pieces We Love

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