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Older stories
MEN'S, STYLE / June 28 2012 10:31 AM

Boys In Dresses

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While women dressing in masculine clothing is often considered chic or cutting edge, the inverse does not always hold true. However this season the scales are shifting with many a menswear designer incorporating feminine elements into their collections. From fabrics to silhouettes, color to proportions, these traditionally feminine trends are getting a dose of masculine energy. 

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MEN'S, STYLE / June 20 2012 1:48 PM

7 Best Online Men’s Stores for the Anti-Bro

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These stores are for the individual guy – those well beyond the realm of polos, boring button-ups and corporate ties. These stores host prints, smart graphics, sharp fit, and the independent designers that are rethinking menswear. Because you’re a dude, and you take pride in how you look. And we’re so grateful you do. 

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