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FASHIONVILLE | December 12

Three East Village Shops with Coats to Die Faux

Inspired by Kate Lanphear lauding the East Village as her shopping stomping grounds, I plucked my bum up off the interwebs and hit the road. I dropped myself off on E. 9th Street and journeyed eastbound and up. What struck my fancy in a few stores in particular were the awesome caliber of faux fur jackets, which usually just strike me as faux pas. In case you don’t have a few thou to spend on a few animals’ worth of jacket, try these real life finds in these fantastic indie boutiques.

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Kate Lanphear on Fav “Fierce Ass” Jewelry Designer & Elle Interns with Sweaters on their Heads

Kate Lanphear was the toast of Burberry Soho Wednesday night. The formidable Style Director of Elle stood stunning, as bloggers and industry darlings mingled, champagned and hardly touched the bite sized English fare that circulated. Fish’n'chips? Burberry, please! How are we supposed to talk to anyone? Perhaps I’m slightly sour at not winning this Burberry bag in the Instagram contest, but I’m more jazzed that I got to chat with the fearsome Lanphear. First things first, I lusted over her ring. And then she let me in on her favorite “fierce ass bitch” jewelry designer

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FASHIONVILLE | November 18

Are You Fab Enough to Have a Fashimal?

And that is the main career question you should be asking yourself. Only the most fabulous fashion peeps have a Fashimal, and we’re slightly obsessed with these hilariously clever doppelgängers. Including such famous industry heavy weights like Anna Wintour, André Leon Talley and Anna Dello Russo, we’re totally inspired to make our own FashionIndie Fashimals. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Olivier Theyskens Theory of Elle-ativity

Olivier Theyskens and Theory‘s Andrew Rosen turned to fashion tome, Elle to showcase the designer’s debut collection “through the eyes of magazine editors.” The result finds seven Elle stylists, including creative director Joe Zee and Kate Lanphear, putting their personal spin on Theyskens creations.

Olivier Theyskens Theory of Elle ativity

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