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FASHION / January 26 2012 1:49 AM

In Love And Good Fashion: An Interview With Accessories Designer Seville Michelle

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New York City born and raised accessories designer Seville Michelle Anastos is all about having ideas and making them into a reality. “When you say you’re going to do things, just do it,” advice from Seville Michelle herself. From full-time stylist to the most requested accessories designer at Patricia Field after only having been in business for a little over two years,  you can find her work in over 40 shops and online market places all over the world. Anastos’ accessories have been published in Essence magazine, Gotham magazine, Vice magazine, Glamour, Vibe, Redbook, etc. Her designs have been worn by Kreayshawn to Nicki Minaj,  Today living by the Seville Michelle Anastos motto “Good Taste Must Be Shared” we present a more one on one level with Seville Michelle and details on her line.

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CELEBRITY / August 12 2011 8:01 AM

Kreayshawn’s Ovary Swaggin Slideshow

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Kreayshawns Ovary Swaggin Slideshow


From adderall slinger to internet sensation to record deal rapper, new pop culture icon Kreayshawn further cements her image on the new cover of i-D magazine.  Her ovary pumping swag (her words, not ours) is captured above via two toned hair, gold star emblazoned eyelashes, finger tattoos, and a triple toned leopard print manicure.  All bad ass you say? We thinks a not.  Her Debbie Harry haircut, ski slope wardrobe, and constant cat references (Gucci Gucci ends with a meow and refers to catnip, kitty cats, and kitty litter), however vile they may be, make us think that she’ll grow out of her rapper phase and turn into one crazy cat lady.  Either way, we are having a love affair with her right now so…here’s a style slideshow!

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