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NEWS, TV / August 2 2012 8:45 AM

A Vogue Idea: Carrie Bradshaw Comes to Glee

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Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie has an interview with the editor of Vogue, played by one Ms. Candy “Don’t Call Me Murphy” Bergen and she wears that gorgeous, asymmetrical pinstripe Vivienne Westwood suit with messy bedhead that I thought at the time should’ve been a neat chignon but Carrie’s always Carrie, am I right? 

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NEWS / May 22 2012 4:00 PM

Happy Birthday Naomi, ALT Explains Why Beyoncé Can Be Late to Whatever the Hell She Wants and the Worst Wedding Accessory Ever

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Glee‘s season finale is nigh and in celebration, a look back on Kurt Hummel‘s most daring fashion choices from the third — and if I do say worst — season. [Vulture]

- It’s her birthday and she’ll slap you if she wants to. Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell! The volatile super turns 42 today. Why not celebrate by hurling your phone at an insolent insubordinate?

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NEWS / March 27 2012 6:16 PM

Lindsay Lohan to Guest on ‘Glee’, Azealia Banks Rocks Chanel and Jennifer Lawrence Apparently Not Hungry Enough

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- The Lindsay Lohan comeback train is firing on all cylinders as her reps have confirmed the occasional actress will appear on an episode of Glee. I hope that means someone’s dusting off “Rumors” — looking at you Kurt Hummel. And in even more exciting news, EGOTer Whoopi Goldberg will appear on three episodes. [E!]

- Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman and Yoko Ono are just some of the celebs to model Chanel‘s iconic jacket for the luxury brand’s recently launched e-exhibition site, [Fashionista]

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TV / August 15 2011 10:56 AM

A Glee-ful Fashion’s Night Out Starts in Vogue

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Gleeks, prepare to shop. The cast of Glee has become official spokespeople for Vogue‘s Fashion’s Night Out. They’re kicking it off with an editorial in the September issue, and have divulged what separates their personal style from those of their fictional singing counterparts. Who started at Target? Who wears a kilt? Find out here.

A Glee ful Fashions Night Out Starts in Vogue

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TV / July 14 2011 9:46 AM

Glee Fashion Highs and Lows: Chris Colfer and Lea Michele Graduate

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Resident fashionisto and banner gay Kurt Hummel (AKA Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer) rarely takes a style misstep. Impeccably dressed, we all often wonder, he can afford… Commes des Garçons? Conversely, we also often ponder why Rachel Berry (AKA Broadway superstar Lea Michele) has such an awkwardly negative relationship with fashion. I mean, hello! She has two gay dads! Bless her heart, she tries, but Rachel fails where Kurt flies. Sadly, the two will be graduating from Glee at the end of the third season. I repeat: Lea Michele and Chris Colfer (and Cory Frankenteen Monteith) will NOT be returning for season 4. Let’s look back before they’re gone.

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