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17 Ways to Pick a Pocket

Steal from the men, and score free shoulders, arms and hands. Go bag-less by picking the best pockets to carry your necessities. Phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, GO. Pick the pocket that’s best for you.

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How To Rainproof Your Beauty Routine For April Showers

It seems we’d hit a bit of a damp spell last weekend in NYC, and we’re sure the rest of you are feeling the wrath of April showers as well. It’s not that we don’t want the May flowers to grow, but heavy rains and chilly winds put a cramp in our style… and in our beauty routines. But there are ways to keep hair perfectly in place and prevent makeup from running. Our six tips after the jump will help you through the last legs of rainy spring.

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You Have to Have ‘Have to Have’ for Proper Shopping

A new year and a new you means a new way to shop online. Up until now, your interwebbed shopping strategy has comprised a thousand tabs and entirely too many (or too few) untouched shopping carts. So while you’re off living your life, forgetting about that floor length Thom Browne shirt dress you were drooling over last week went on a surprise sale, and now it’s gone. In fact, can’t remember where you found it. Major sadface. That’s why you have to Have to Have, the site that is your universal social shopping cart. And it emails you when your selects go on sale. Now that’s money.

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FASHIONVILLE | December 20

Walking in a Winter White

Caroling, or the modern day Christmas song incessancy in every public space, is well underfoot. Songs of snow are permeating, and baby it’s cold outside, but it’s not quite snowing. Be the snow. Douse yourself in winter whites and flurry all over town. We found some solid cold crémes that should color your palette clean. Come sing along

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FASHIONVILLE | November 22

5 Fun Pairs of Sneakers to Carry You Through Fall

Every lady needs a stylish and functional pair of sneakers to carry her through a bevy of fall activities. From apple picking to power shopping through the flea market, heels and platforms aren’t always a practical footwear choice. Here are 5 fun pairs of sneakers that both look good and get the job done.

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The Dish on Thanksgiving Feast Fashion

Time is a-ticking closer to the one day a year when it is socially appropriate to stuff our faces and gorge our bodies with salty, buttery, meaty, buttery, delicious, salty, carbaceous foodstuffs. The spread is beautiful but the aftermath is less so; the words “bloated” and “food baby” come to mind. Which is why you need a specific kind of outfit to cope with such matters. Here are some options for hiding the tummy stretch that happens on Thanksgiving. Or make like present-day Karl Lagerfeld and his bevy of models and just smell the food…

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