INTERVIEW: Justin Tratner Of Semi Precious Weapons

If you haven’t  heard about Semi Precious Weapons you are missing out. Their album “You Love You, came out this summer. To celebrate their album release… I talked to front man Justin Tratner on his NYC party past, his jewelry line, and his feelings on real rock.

INTERVIEW: Justin Tratner Of Semi Precious Weapons


OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

I watched ‘Memento’ last nite with Sun Tek and Eric (Opening Ceremony). Pretty sure I missed a big night at St. Jerome’s; Facebook told me Justin Tranter (Semi-Precious Weapons) got ready for the bar’s 4th year anniversary party while watching ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ and that Lady Starlight DJ’d. She wore some cute little gloves with lasers attached to the fingers. Justin was all batty eye shadow and tossled hair. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll wear that look forever. I mean, I do like a good uniform.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

I love that I can go out without leaving my apartment, I got to be at St. Jerome’s and all I had to do was stay glued to my computer. Which I’m very good at.

I probably should have gone to the party, but my night was glamorous enough in its own way. Sun Tek is a famous artist, really, he lunches with Al Pacino and the Olsons. One of his pieces was even a prize at the Tribeca Film Festival. And these days Eric models for Alexander Wang or something. He also photographs expensive Persian birthdays, I think.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

Anyway, I guess my night was grand, because I was watching ‘Memento’ with people who are up there. Too bad the movie wasn’t very good. I probably should have watched ‘Mad Men’ or ‘True Blood.’

Or gone to St. Jerome’s.

P.S. Are Eric and Coco back together? Do you know Coco? She’s an angel. She was in Nylon once for something, but I don’t know what.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

There was a scary bouncer at the door of the Leopard Lounge in the East Village last night. He didn’t know who I was and wouldn’t let me or a lot of my friends in. It made me very nervous. I think I paced around for a few minutes before I saw one of my favorite new trannies, Tiana (Bungalow 8), walk in with a train of muscle men. I think she or someone grabbed the manager for me. Trannies always know how to get the legwork done.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

Trannies are such hard workers, much harder workers than most people. I mean, they have to erase all the tell-tale signs of their manhood and draw in all the woman ones. Woman ones?!? Anyway, we swapped numbers and she wants me to come out with her, maybe Thursday. Definitely a consideration. Tiana was wearing something that looked like a rich woman from the Upper West Side who isn’t into fashion would wear, but she lives in the Upper East Side. She’s like some sophisticated transneighborhood queen and it’s becoming increasing difficult to offer a proper critique on her chic.

I forget last night at Cool Jerk!. It was memorable, but I forget.

I more than often remember getting ready for a party, than remember the party itself. I think the party has become younger and gayer, but better and better too. Michael T. (Rated X) and DJ Jess (Indierotica) were our guests and they both did really great sets. Michael had his hair flipped out and lots of white makeup on, and a tailored denim jacket. Jess said he had just rolled out of bed, but his pomp was perfect. Oh, and Tiana said someone tried to break a stall door in on her. She was so cool about it, but I was so uncool: I was too afraid to ask if she was using the men’s or women’s bathroom.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

Afterward I stumbled into a cab and piled in with maybe 4 or 5 other kids. Brik picked a fight with the driver when we pulled up to Kellog’s, but I think maybe the driver picked a fight with us. It was frightening, I don’t know if he got paid. I just ran into the diner and got a table for five, but only Brik joined me and he drank all the water. I ordered a bison burger, because I’m a truely loyal American (and I thought they were going extinct, which just makes ordering one seem like the equivalent of layering myself in forbidden pelts from dead beasts).It seemed decadent, but it was really tasty and exactly what I needed.

OUT! with Aaron K: Nite In, Nite Out

Now Brik is playing with a bolt of spandex he found on the street. That’s no way to make friends. But we’re trying to get ready forthe Box, it’s a Caligula themed party tonight for some reason or another. A toga party? I don’t know about that. But Caligula is such a good movie.

If you’re coming, password: Caligula.

Go figure.

INTERVIEW Lady Starlight; Rock n Roll DJ, Out Of Context Enthusiast

INTERVIEW Lady Starlight; Rock n Roll DJ, Out Of Context Enthusiast

Lady Starlight has been on the New York music scene for years, but recently made headlines for her less than discrete attempts at Lady Gaga’s disco stick (not really sure if that’s being used in the right context). We sat with the musical mama and talked fetish wear and the mainstreaming of Gaga.

FI: Out of context fashion is becoming a growing trend amongst the fashion set with fetish wear and extreme fashion pieces making the red carpet. Where should the line be drawn or do you feel we should just let our fashion freak fly free no matter the situation?

LS:  It’s always held the opinion that the more inappropriate the outfit, the better. A clear line cannot be drawn, there are unlimited situations that may call for any number of out of context garments…

FI:Lady Gaga, who I’m assuming is a friend, is blowing up on the music scene for her over the top style, do you see her look hitting the mainstream? And if it does, will Gaga go basic?

LS: I would love it if GaGa’s look hit the mainstream. However, I don’t think people could walk down the street in most of her looks…and I’m not referring to possible harassment, I mean physically walk down the street!
Maybe GaGa would go naked if her fashion became mainstream.

FI: Give me 3 Words to Describe “Justin Tranter

LS: Spray, On, Foundation

Lady Gaga’s Wild Night Out

Lady Gagas Wild Night Out

Lady Gagas Wild Night Out

Lady Gagas Wild Night Out

Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight had a crazy night out clubbing in NYC…Not sure what happened after this…Oh, did I mention the random hairy crotch!

LINKAGE: ohnotheydidnt



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