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The Golden Girls: A Quartet of 80-Year-Old Supermodels

Combined, they are over 300 years old, or roughly 15 times older than Karlie Kloss and half as old as Cher. These four ladies have been generally owning the world since the Great Depression, and even though prices have gone up, they still have the receipts in the form of their flawless vitality. Set Shady Pines on fire and bust out the cheesecake ’cause we’re hanging with the girls today: baby of the bunch at 81, Carmen Dell’Orefice, the eternally elegant  China Machado, relative newcomer Jacquie Tajah Murdock and “World’s Oldest Supermodel” Daphne Selfe

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Andre Leon Talley Dishes on Anna Wintour & Hungry Mannequins at His 80 Black Dresses Exhibit

I’m sitting on the front porch of a Savannah, Georgia cottage talking about custom made Barack Obama caftans with Andre Leon Talley.  Does life get any better than that? Read ahead to check out our discussion on his 80 Black Dresses Exhibit, the symbolism of the exhibit’s hungry looking mannequins, stories about Anna Wintour, and things most people don’t know about the fashion icon.

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