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Lily Allen Shows Us Lucy in Disguise

For those of you who were wondering where Lily Allen has been, she’s finally stepped out in a new spotlight. Of course that spotlight is as a new celebrity designer. The star has released a line entitled “Lucy in Disguise” in collaboration with her sister Sarah Owen. A lot of the collection is vintage inspired, so if you’re curious and have some room in your wardrobe, head over to their new boutique, Selfridges’ Wonder Room, in London.

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Three Magazine Covers, One Very Popular Dress

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How did the same dress end up on three different high-fashion magazine covers? That’s what we — and Guardian reporter Imogen Fox — really want to know.

The dress, an appliqued Miu Miu creation, is on W, British Vogue and Elle UK. To be fair, we should mention that the dress Lily Allen wears on the cover of Elle is done in a muted lilac lace, while Eva Mendes (on W’s cover) and Swedish model Freja Beha Erichsen (on British Vogue) are both seen in the yellow version.

So how did it happen? We’re flabbergasted, and, well, so is Fox:

Surprisingly, this sort of cover multiplicity is rare. Actors frequently chalk up multiple dresses in the same month, but not magazine covers. There are good reasons for this. Fashion press officers work hard to achieve a delicate UN-style political balance between glossies to make sure that these kinds of overlaps don’t happen. “Usually press offices are pretty good at making sure we don’t get the same dress as our rivals,” says Lorraine Candy, Elle’s editor.

So we have to wonder what happened here — could Miu Miu be so hard up for publicity that it would need to trick three magazines into using its dress? Do we really believe Miuccia Prada is capable of doing something so schemey? No. She’s a sweetheart. And she makes really good clothes — good clothes that, clearly, beg to be photographed.

Image via The Guardian

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Lily Allen Covers Elle UK

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Ever since Lily Allen decided to come out from boozing it up seclusion, shes been writing songs for the Bridget Jones Diary musical and apparently shooting the cover of Elle UK‘s August issue.

The music industry “retiree” is looking good, which is a pleasant surprise.

It’s funny how public she made her retirement from the music industry, yet she’s currently writing lyrics for the Bridget Jones‘ musical.

Ha, before we know it she’ll probably be releasing a new album of her own.

Girlfriend might be planning for a comeback, what do U think?

Images by Rankin / Courtesy of UK ELLE Magazine

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FIRST LOOK: Vanessa Paradis for the Chanel Cocoon Bag

French model/singer Vanessa Paradis replaces Lily Allen for the Chanel Cocoon Bag collection. This image for S/S 2010 was shot by Karl Lagerfeld.   Read the rest…

In Case You Care: Courtney Love Lashes Out at Lily Allen

Courtney Love, who is rather candid about her feelings in the press, called out Lily Allen this past week, after the English songbird didn’t allow Love to don a Chanel dress (for free) to the BRIT Awards.

Allen has an exclusive deal with the fashion house, and chose to enjoy her status by being the only lady dressed in Chanel.  However, Love had this to say on Absolute Radio, “I wanted a Chanel couture dress but Lily Allen blocked them out. And that’s lame, because I remember J-Lo had a lock out on Valentino one year but she shared with me.”

I guess Courtney will just have to start paying for her red-carpet apparel from now on.

Guess Who Pulled a Lady Gaga?

This singer/actress/model/wanna be designer has recently pulled a Lady Gaga, only this version of the look includes cellulite! Check out who after the jump…

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WTF?!?! Lily Allen to Quit Music for Fashion

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Guess this is good news since I do hate her music, but we’ve all heard this from many celebrities. Plus, fashion really doesn’t need another Jessica Simpson! Read the rest…

Lily Allen Collaborates with Chanel

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Karl Lagerfeld has found a new muse in failed songstress Lily Allen. Wow, remember when people thought she was all original and such and then Gaga and Rihanna put her to shame. We do, we do.

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SPREAD UM: Lily Allen for GQ UK

Lily Allen goes topless for GQ UK.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Lily Allen’s Chanel Shoot

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Lily Allen takes on a sexy image for her new Chanel ads. Less playful then her Aubrey Hepburn inspired series, these ads show another side of Lily. Karl must love all sides of the sassy Brit singer, because he’s once again the creative mind behind these ads.

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TRENDSPARK: I can’t ear you

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What’s with all the animal ears? Apparently it’s the new headband for fall. The Olson twins, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen are all fans, so why aren’t you? Check out the link below if you want to throw out a few bones and make Halloween come early this year.

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Kate Moss Covers Russian Vogue

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Damn this bitch is sexy!!! When she’s made up. And doesn’t look cracked out. And isn’t on some shitty yacht with Lily Allen.

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THE TEN: Hot Mess’ (Via Buzznet)

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Eleven Past Eleven created a hilarious list on Buzznet in honor of Cobra Starship’s new album ‘Hot Mess,’ counting off the celebs (and wannabe celebs) that they believe to be a hot mess.  We usually love to have tens of our own, but this was too clever to pass up.

1. Amy Winehouse: Hot: For being a popular british singer, and bringing back the Beehive; Mess: For being a notorious drug addict and alcoholic, having unnattractive teeth, and eating disorders, ect.

2. Trace Cyrus: Hot: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, being Miley Cyrus’ big brother; Mess: For being the Lead singer of Metro Station, His face, Twitter-Dating / Twitter-Breaking up with Demi Lovato, Whispery-Rapist voice.

3. Pete Wentz: Hot: For being the bassist of Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpsons hubby, & being the owner of Clandestine Industries, Crush Management, and Decaydance Records, OH. And his guyliner; Mess: For leaking n00dz, having random panic attacks against the press & for supporting The Millionaires.

4. Gabe Saporta: Hot: For being the lead singer of Cobra Starship, and having hypnotizing hips; Mess: For deciding to manage and support a band called Millionaires.

5. Jeffree Star: Hot: For being known everywhere; Mess: For scaring small children, creating Scene kids, ect.

6. Lily Allen: Hot: For her self confidence and clever song writing skills; Mess: For flashing, and fashion faux-pas

7. Guy Ripley: Hot: For his accent; Mess: For stalking Cobra Starship / William Beckett a little too much.

8. Ryan Ross: Hot: For once being loved for his Rose Vest and peacock hairdo; also being the cute guitarist backup singer for Panic(!) At The Disco; Mess: For completely changing the sound of PATD into a Beatles-esque band, then quitting said band. As well as a random and misleading marriage.

9. Ronnie Radke: Hot: Known for singing ‘Situations’; Mess: For being put in the slammer, due to assault charges.

10. (And my favorite) Perez Hilton: Hot: *Original* Founder of Multicolored Hair trend; Mess: Bad mouths and whines; And can’t take a punch.


Thank you Eleven Past Eleven, thank you.


I usually don’t like the way Lily dresses, and this isn’t the best photo, but I really like this look. I love the dress, the color is gorgeous, especially with the semi-matching lip color, also love the contrast of the lavender bag next to the coral of the dress.

Photo: I’m not obsessed

BEHIND THE SCENES: Lily Allen For Chanel F/W ’09 Handbag Line

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This reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I can’t wait to see the photos, even though I’m not sure how I feel about Lily Allen

SOURCE: Catwalk Queen

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