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Glastonbury 2009 Fashion Review

Glastonbury is my favorite festival for trend-sparking due to the constant presence of Kate Moss (except this year…), wellies, denim cutoffs off duty models and rock stars – most of my favorite things.

Lily Allen has been loving wigs lately, and Glastonbury is a good time as any to experiment. Props to Lily for stepping up her fashion game and rocking sequins in the mud a la Kate Moss circa 2005. Note the female version of one glove Michael Jackson tribute.

Model/It Girl Daisy Lowe sporting the crop top trend (belly button covered as requested – thanks) and some strange sort of cape. Lily Donaldson looks effortlessly chic as always, wearing a perfect every day outfit, I wish my hair would look this perfect after rolling around in the Glastonbury mud.


Theodora Richards and Alexandra Richards looking like chic farm girls. That’s an impressive red lip on Theodora, and I appreciate the pop of color on her red boots. Pixie Geldof, the less annoying sister, wearing some spandex biker-esque shorts and an unnecessary hat. Hmm… maybe she is annoying. 

Finally, some hipsters. Eliza Cummings wearing a surprisingly chic black dress and lace up wellies, a nice break from the standard Hunter’s. Cory Kennedy proves that she has lost whatever street urchin glam factor that she once had in stale overalls and a white t-shirt.

SOURCE: Style, The Fashion Spot

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Lily Allen Wears a Blonde Wig

Lily Allen channels Lady Gaga with thick bangs and a super blonde wig in London last night. Lily is no stranger to dying her hair, she has gone both platinum blonde and bright pink. What’s your favorite color on Ms. Allen?

SOURCE: Stylelist

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Kate Moss Smokes 100 Cigarettes a Day!!!

Styled by Saynt

The Marlboro Model?!?

Kate Moss  loves smoking so much she reportedly makes her personal assistant leave a packet of her favorite Marlboro Lights on every table in her home before she goes to bed.

“Kate has five coffee tables spread between her living room, kitchen, office and bedroom so that’s a lot of cigarettes. She also has a special tennis ball with holes for cigarettes to stick out from so visitors can relax with a smoke,” a source said.

The party-loving star also keeps her fridge stocked with at least two bottles of champagne and two bottles of vodka to ensure her guests have a good time.

However, friends are worried 35-year-old Kate’s hard partying lifestyle is beginning to take its toll.

“The cigarettes are starting to show on Kate’s face. She is apparently chain smoking more than ever now and gets through up to two packs a day,” the insider added.

Kate’s most recent wild night at her London home was a cocktail making and drinking evening with singer Lily Allen.

“Kate and Lily each made up various cocktails and had a competition to see how many they could drink,” a source said.

Kate was crowned the winner at around 04:00 and is awaiting a mystery prize from the 23-year-old singer.

Free booze, drinking games and all the cigarettes you can chimney!!! Count me in…


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Kate Moss Beat Lily Allen in a Drinking Contest

Styled by Saynt

Lily Allen owes Kate Moss a prize after failing to beat the supermodel in a drinking contest…

The two became friends in January after Kate came to the ‘Smile’ star’s concert at London’s Roundhouse venue.


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SPREAD UM: Lily Allen in Bust Magazine, April 2009

Styled by Saynt

So weird that there was a time that I actually considered caring a shit about what Lily Allen was doing. Thank good Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse came along and changed that feeling. Here are some photos from a recent shoot she was in from the pages of BUST. Nothing too groundbreaking. Just like Lily herself…

LINKAGE: Lily in the April/May ‘o9 issue of Bust magazine.

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MOMENT OF STYLE: Lily Allen in Concert

British cutie Lily Allen goes girly for her latest concert. I think she looks super cute, and I’m liking the new hair cut. Read the rest…

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OH SNAP: Lily Allen Looking Childish

Styled by Saynt

Lily Allen is appearing to look more and more like an adult child. Seriously, is this supposed to be worn on an adult?

[London, March 13. Image via INF.]

LINKAGE: Lily Allen Takes Style Tips From Suri Cruise [Snap Judgment]

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MOMENT OF STYLE: Freida Pinto in Chanel

Freida Pinto wears Chanel to the Chanel Ready to Wear show at the Grand Palais in Paris on Tue. She sat front row with many other celebs including Kate Moss and bf Jamie Hince, Mario Testino, Claudia Schiffer, Lily Allen and Milla Jovovich.

LINKAGE: Just Jared

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Lily Allen and Peaches Geldof Love Them Some PPQ

Styled by admin

Peaches Geldof might be PPQ’s poster girl, but that won’t stop Lily Allen from rocking the brand herself.  The two brits have been spotted rocking the same dress. Fortunately, it wasn’t at the same time or we might get to see a royal catfight from the two musical bad girls.

LINKAGE: Famous kids double-take: Peaches copies Lily in PPQ

[Peaches image: Lia Toby /]

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Styled by Saynt

Seriously, I’m getting one of these tomorrow. I’ve got haters to address….

Read the rest…

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SPREAD UM: Lily Allen for Spin Magazine, February 09

Styled by Amanda Gabriele

Brit-pop sensation Lily Allen makes a fabulous cover girl for the February issue of Spin Magazine. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth shot Allen for the cover and spread inside. Girlfriend looks fabulous in some of the best dresses I’ve seen in awhile. The number with the black stars in my absolute favorite, but the shoes she’s wearing while standing on the stairs bring tears to my eyes. I’ve always admired and respected Allen, not only for her awesome music, but her individualistic style as well. I’m not a Spin reader, but I might have to snag this issue.

GALLERY: Lily Allen for Spin Magazine, February 09

Thanks to Popcrunch for the photos.

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Mag Hag: Lily Allen for Interview

Styled by Andy Wass

Angelo Pennetta photographed Lily Allen for the February issue of Interview (yep, the one with Lindsay

In her shots, Allen wears a Loewe hat similar to the one that Victoria Beckham wears in her new Russian Vogue spread.

Do I smell another fight between the two?!

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QUOTABLE: Lily Allen

“My brother’s got a huge penis,” Read the rest…

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Moments of Style: Lily Allen

So you guys might laugh at me, and never trust my fashion taste ever again, but I happen to really like this outfit. It’s quite out of the box, expecially for Lily, but it’s darn different, and she looks great in it. Can’t imagine anyone else that would pull this outfit off, and I love the little red Chanel bag.

What do you guys think?

Thanks DListed for the pic

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Custom Chanel? Or Too Poor For The Real Shit

Styled by Corey Moran

Lily Allen was seen rocking what looks like a homemade Chanel shirt. Reports claim that it is a custom made, one of a kind Chanel shirt that was given to her as a gift from Chanel. If you don’t mind me saying…BULLSHIT!! Her latest album is not set to come out for another month or so, and it looks to me like she’s running off the last few dollars from her last album. Let’s be honest, it’s London in the winter, there is no way it isn’t cold as hell there. She was seen rocking jean shorts and Ugg boots, this bitch is poor! And one of a kind shirt my ass, I’m currently sprawled out on the floor of the office with a massive felt tipped marker and a old ratty undershirt making my own “custom Chanel shirt”. You know the drug habit is bad when you have to resort to fake designer shit, but then again Lily Allen is the fake Katy Perry anyways, so I’m not that surprised.

Thanks Dlisted for the image.

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