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The Bashed: Lily Allen

Styled by Andy Wass

Lily Allen has brought us many a fashion faux pas over the years. And while I think she has a good face for short hair, this cut is a little too Linda Ronstadt / Chrissie Hynde for my taste.

No offense to Linda and Chrissie, of course.

2008 Glastonbury Festival Fashion Review

The 2008 Glastonbury Festival is over and done, but the stream of fashion photos from the event continue to stream in. We’ve got some of our favorite celebrity picts from the hits and misses of the London music festival.

Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse

Kelly looks like she’s trying to hide some of her left over fat flaps (come on, you know she got a case of the gastric) under this ill fitting peasant dress. The color sucks and the boots are vicious.  Kate Moss verified her status as fading fashion trendsetter with a look that rocked three years ago when Sienna Miller did it. Also, more boots.  Amy Winehouse looks ridiculous in the dress above, the push-up padding ain’t working and no one really wants to here Rehab for the millionth time. Amy, come out with a new album or die already, you’re really starting to annoy me.

Portia Freeman and Alexa Chung

Pete Doherty’s coke/fuck buddy looks like a poor mans Courtney Love, while Alexa Chung looks like she’s dating her younger brother. More BOOTS!!! You know, I get it. It’s muddy so you figure you need to throw on a pair of black foot rapers, but seriously could one of you been original and worn a different color or something.  I kind of love the high waisted shorts though, what do you think indies, trendspark worthy?

Duffy gives her best O-face and rocks out with more high-waisted shorts. (Totally gonna be a trendspark).

Kelly Osborn, Lily Allen, Pixie Geldof

I really want yellow rain coats to be cool. Can some of you out there get on this?  Or maybe a designer can work on creating it? Lily Allen is starting to look like a caricature of herself, no?  And Pixie has one of the coolest cardigans I’ve seen in a long time.  Oh yeah, AND MORE FUCKING BOOTS….

Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Kelly Osbourne

Is Daisy Lowe the British Corey Kennedy?  Also Pixie is my favorite person and Kelly looks like one of Michael Jackson’s kids.

Image Source: Popsugar UK

Glamour Women of the Year Awards

And the Glamour Women Of The Year Award goes to… Kate Beckinsale.

At the awards show, Kate (above at the awards), 34, won for best film actress. Beautiful, sweet, very deserving Kate!

Other notable winners include:
Editor’s Special Award – Lily Allen
Entrepreneur – Kate Moss
Newcomer – Hayden Panettiere
UK Solo Artist – Leona Lewis
Band – The Spice Girls

Okay, first of all, how is Kate Moss and entrepreneur? I give her credit for cleaning up her act (as much as she could) and making a huge comeback into modeling, but just because the model thinks she’s a designer (her collection for Topshop didn’t do too well) doesn’t mean she’s an entrepreneur.

Is Hayden the newcomer of the year because she showed her back in a photoshoot and maintains a daily column on Parez Hilton and The Superficial.

And The Spice Girls? Really, were there no other bands nominated? Uh, I give up…

Lily Allen Is Desperate to Become the British Britney Spears

Styled by Saynt

Oh, Lily. What has become of you?

First the nude shots of your less than glamourous tata’s.

Then the random outfit you wore while waiting for the bus in a crowd of dudes.

Now this?!?

What are you doing to my sexual fantasy of you and me and a trip to Tea & Symphony?  You’re ruining it, that’s what.

The Britney roots been over done Lily. Repent now and maybe some people will care about your next album.

More series note indies. The similarities between Lily’s current path and Britney’s ongoing one into madness are quite scary. Check out the comparisons.

BOTH are Pop Singers.

BOTH are Blonde (Lily’s was more recent).

BOTH had failed TV Shows (Kayotic vs Lily Allen & Friends)

BOTH have flashed a bit too much lately.

BOTH have been spotted with Pink Hair (Lily’s more recent).

BOTH secretly fantasize about Daniel Saynt (not confirmed, but I’m sure).

BOTH have scandalous siblings (Prego Jaime Lynn vs. Full Frontal Alfie).

BOTH speak with horrible accents (Trailer Trash Southern Belle vs. Jolly Awful British)

BOTH dress like their trying to spite their stylists.

BOTH need to stop making music (sorry Lily, it’s true. I loved your stuff when it came out, but none of it’s really classic)

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Lily Allen in Riding the Bus With My Sister 2

Styled by Saynt

Really, there is no other explanation for this photo of Lily Allen hailing a bus/taxi/loony bin mobile other than the idea that this may be a shot from Riding the Bus With My Sister 2.  The singer has been slowly falling into obscurity with recent nude shots of her dumpy breast hitting the internet and now this.

Please Lily, get some help and start making some records. I can’t tout your greatness any more if you don’t give me anything to work with.

Photo Source Jezebel

Lily Allen Likes It Rough

Styled by Saynt

[London, April 30. Image via Bauer-Griffin]

When Lily Allen is looking for a little ska-punk, electro-infused, punk but not vicious, modern instrumentalish inspiration she heads over to London’s Rough Trade. The singer/talk show host/blonde was recently spotted leaving the Trade’s eastern outpost. No idea what she picked up, but the location is known for it’s indielicious bands and for housing some amazing talent under its home label.  Originally specializing in US and Jamaican imports, it soon became one of the leading outlets for the burgeoning punk scene, and subsequently a pilgrimage point for anyone buying or selling new DIY new wave music and fanzines.

Definitely a must see spot, but for those who can’t take a hopper across the pond head to their website for a must have list of some of the store employees favorite tracks and artists.

 Rough Trade East
‘Dray Walk’
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

Rough Trade West
130 Talbot Road
W11 1JA

Shop: Lily Allen’s Michael Jackson Watch

Styled by Saynt

So yeah, Lily Allen went blond, big deal, no one cares.

What I really care about is the incredibly desired Michael Jackson watch she’s sporting. This thing is off the cool meter and is officially on the top of my must have list. It’s instead cred and way more cooler than a Mickey band. Where can we get one?

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