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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 5

All week you’ve seen the debut of this new column, Boutique Critique, and today brings our first shop Début to the final outfit. This look has a whole lot of that green buzzword about it: Sustainability. Storeowner Lisa Weiss runs her store to be socially and environmentally conscious with the small batch runs of new lines alongside handmade jewelry. Reaching even deeper, Début features several designers who take more radical steps to be sustainable. Such as Christopher Raeburn who takes the philosophy of repurposing to warrior status, and Monisha Raja who brings a whole new meaning to outsourcing with her line Love Is Mighty. Read ahead to see the most eco-loving look yet. And a dash of of pattern mashing.

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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 3

Début is the kind of shop where some jewelry hangs on hangers. Designers are making such radically new creations that owner Lisa Weiss must often come up with creative ways to display them. Those displays are ever changing because the average length of time she carries one designer is about three seasons. In order to maintain her store’s philosophy, she cannot get too loyal to one designer. She must live by the essence of if you love it, let it go… What comes back is the success the designers see upon graduating from Début, knowing where they kicked it all off.

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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 2

Yesterday we launched the debut of Boutique Critique; a column in which I’ll be discovering a new gem of a shop each week, and introducing it to you one outfit at a time over the course of five days. We began most literally with a shop called Début. Founded by Lisa Weiss in 2007, it features brand new designers in the very first runs of their collections. One of the first collections the boutique ever acquired was a jewelry collection called Experiment 101 by Esha Soni. The line caught Weiss and her team’s eye and was a perfect fit to introduce the store’s concept. Now on Experiment 109, and no longer featured in Début, Soni seemed to have gotten the start she needed to continue a beautifully successful brand. With that, here is the second look of the week from Début.

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Boutique Critique:: Début: Look 1

Tucked away on the north end of Mulberry Street, just above Houston, lives a petite boutique lined with the freshest names in design. Début is sparsely arranged to feel like a gallery, built to give each designer a proper artist’s display. Storeowner Lisa Weiss frequently hears from new customers, I’ve passed by it so many times and just never came in! I wasn’t entirely sure it was a store. Let her hear that no more. This incredible little-known and selectively merchandised store sparked my desire to explore the best boutiques in New York, and take you shopping with me. Piece by piece. Designer by designer. Through five original looks. One look each day. Every week. From now on. This is the Début of Boutique Critique.

Like what you see? Shop at Début and mention FashionIndie to get 10% off!

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Pomp and Circumstance: Parsons’ Gradate Designs To Sell

Pomp and Circumstance: Parsons Gradate Designs To SellPomp and Circumstance: Parsons Gradate Designs To SellTis the season of graduation presentations. While I found myself in the audience of Pratt Institute’s animation screening last night, others were dressed to the nines at the Parsons Fashion Benefit, a celebratory event for senior designers to show off their work via runway show. Hats off, the 8am classes are over, but the hard work is only beginning. 

You have to admit, now is probably the scariest time to graduate. Designers are bellyflopping. Retailers are downsizing. Buyers ain’t buying. But thanks to Lisa Weiss and Debut, her downtown boutique, students might actually have a prayer at making some bank. Many pieces from the Parsons senior collection will be on sale during the week of June 16th. If you’re not in the market to buy, at least stop on by the Mulberry street store to check out the designs and show your support. These young designers need as much consumer feedback as possible! 


Debut: 298 Mulberry Street   (On sale starting June 16th for one week)


Thanks The New York Times!

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