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FashionIndie Takes Over North Coast Music Festival

That’s right, it’s confirmed. FashionIndie is about to take over Chicago electronic music festival North Coast. From August 31st – September 2nd we’re going to be searching for unique street style, bringing you exclusive interviews with artists and DJ’s, and recaps of the three day sweaty sendoff to summer from the heart of the midwest. Here are some examples from last year’s festival to give you a good idea. 

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Chicago’s Three Day Long Bacardi Bender Hosted by Hotel Thrillist

If you had the pleasure of being in Chicago last weekend then you would have been a fool to miss out on Hotel Thrillist, a weekend long party hosted by Thrillist, Doritios, Bacardi, and AXE Hair at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. Toted around to various Chicago venues in trollies, Fashionindie contributors and your editor shimmied and shook all weekend long at the 1920′s themed bash. 

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Top 10 Best Dressed Man Bands of All Time

Music is just about the ultimate sensory satisfaction. The songs that enliven your soul are created by gods of rock that don’t dare stop at the auditory; the sensation is full faceted. They may not call it fashion, but the greatest bands on the planet know in their blood that how they look helps drive the succes of the music itself. That way, when chicks like me are getting their groove on in the audience, we’re dancing with the pure sexiness on the stage before us – sound, body and soul. Here are the 10 bands* that do it best; fusing their sound to their clothes, dressed the way they rock.

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