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Beauty Brunch: Cat Eye Fever

It’s Sunday morning and time to meet your homies for brunch. You got in late last night and are sporting some killer bags under those peepers. Besides a little pick-me-up eye cream, what is the best way to hide your sleepy secret?

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Beauty Brunch: Bronzed Babe

And we’re not talking about sticking your kid in a tanning bed, Tan Mom. For today’s beauty brunch, we are turning up the volume on our sun kissed looks, adding a little bronzer to fill-out our Memorial Day base tans. Here are five of our favorites for you to try this weekend.

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One-Bag Weekend: The Memorial Day Essentials

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to start packing for your weekend getaway. If you’re a packing procrastinator like myself and wait until the morning of departure to prepare a bag, there is a way to make things a little easier on yourself. Ready? Go grab a pen and paper and find 10 minutes to spare. In this handy how-to guide, you will see how easy it is to pack for your entire weekend, using only one weekender bag. Click through the gallery, think of a piece in your closet that matches each of these essentials and write it on the list. Come crunch time, you will be packed and ready to go in 10 minutes! Whether you’re going to the beach, lake or mountains, don’t overpack this year; check out our pointers after the jump instead.

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Beauty: Orange You Glad It’s Sunday?

It’s Sunday, and we’re hungry for a beauty brunch. What’s on today’s menu? Bright, warm, sunny orange lips have been an obsession for some time now, and with summer on the horizon, it’s time to flaunt them once again. Not sure which shades to rock? Here are five of our favorites to get you started on this bold trend.

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5 Steps to a Style Icon: Bettie Page

In today’s 5 Steps to a Style Icon, we’re taking a look at the most famous pin-up girl of all time, Bettie Page. Nashville, TN born, Bettie’s iconic look was coveted by all in the 1950s, marked by her jet black hair, blue eyes and trademark bangs. Love her fetish photos or not, Bettie Page is a style icon. See how to get her infamous look after the jump.

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LINKLOVIN | April 20

Rihanna Rings in 420, Carine’s MAC Attack and Top Model Cast Canned for Bryanboy

- Demi Moore has reportedly turned to Oprah for some tender, love and care following her stint in rehab and split from Ashton Kutcher, citing the big O’s help in getting Jennifer Aniston back on her feet after Brad Pitt dumped her for that Jolie woman. Oprah will in turn have dibs on Demi’s first post-rehab interview/soul. [Page Six]

- You know who knows how to properly celebrate 420? Rihanna. Aside from rolling a blunt on a bald man’s head — while in Chanel no less — she also puffs with the mightiest lungs in America, if not the world, Snoop Dogg himself. No wonder she ran out of fucks to give…she never had any to begin with. [Buzzfeed]

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POWDER ROOM | April 20

Perfect Your Peach Pout With These 4 Flawless Hues

You must know by now, we love a bold lip at FashionIndie. From reds to pinks to purple, and everything in-between, we’ve traded our gloss for rich and bright lipsticks we can change with our moods. If you want to get the look but need a tamer color to start with, the peach pout is perfectly on-trend this season. With the right mix of cool orange and ladylike pink, you’ll quickly become obsessed with rocking this look. Check out four of our favorite peachy-keen lipsticks after the jump.

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POWDER ROOM | April 18

INDIE REWIND: 7 Beauty Products to Perfect Spring’s Pastel Eye

Whether melon, robin’s egg blue or light bright yellow, pastel eyes are going to be everywhere this spring. Though it may conjure memories of cheap blue eyeshadow shattering on your bathroom floor as a teenager, this beauty trend is sophisticated and fun when done right. The key is to keep things simple when starting out, playing with one color at a time. Not sure where to go first? Here are seven of our favorite pastel beauty products that will help you master the look in no time.

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POWDER ROOM | March 13

9 Spring Beauty Buys to Freshen Your Routine

Spring is on the horizon, and we are thrilled the days are getting longer. Warmer weather means a shift in beauty routines, and we are busy preparing our worn-out winter skin for much greener pastures. Because we love you Indies, we are sharing nine beauty products we swear by. They’ve gotten us through the good hair days and bad, our driest skin months and made us look our best even if we didn’t feel so hot. Try any of them, and we guarantee you’ll become a beauty convert.

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POWDER ROOM | March 12

INDIE REWIND: How to Master the Ombre Lip in 3 Easy Steps

Whether a bright hue, conspicuous nude or even a bold tattoo, one thing is for certain – the statement lip is everywhere. If you’re like us and always searching for the latest beauty trend, you’re more than likely on board with the ombre lip. Creating the illusion of a bigger, sexier pout, this look is easier to do yourself than it seems. In fact, we’ll show you how to master it in three easy steps. Click, read, learn.

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Beauty School: 8 Hunger Games Looks & How to Master Them

The Hunger Games movie is upon us, Indies. In fact, I just bought my midnight premiere ticket. But how in the world can we stave off the pain of waiting a minute longer to see Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark fight among 22 other tributes to the death on the big screen? We have eight Hunger Games beauty looks for you to enjoy before the lights go down and the curtain lifts on opening night. May the odds of mastering them be ever in your favor.

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