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Older stories
BEAUTY / May 23 2012 1:19 PM

Defying Heat: The Best Waterproof Makeup

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Memorial Day Weekend is only a few days away; are you waterproofed?  Makeup is meant to beautify, but with all the warm weather activities coming up it can easily turn you into a clown.  Whether you plan on hitting the beach or relaxing under the sun this weekend, the last thing on your mind should be worrying about streaky makeup. (Sorry Beyonce!)  Moreover, a blotchy, “just got out of bed/ au naturel” is not our favorite look either.  After testing and rating a few products, we’ve created a list of the best waterproof makeup, sweat or shine.  Unless you want to be mistaken for a raccoon, check out the cosmetic goodies we’ve discovered after the jump.

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BEAUTY / May 20 2012 12:00 PM

Beauty: Orange You Glad It’s Sunday?

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It’s Sunday, and we’re hungry for a beauty brunch. What’s on today’s menu? Bright, warm, sunny orange lips have been an obsession for some time now, and with summer on the horizon, it’s time to flaunt them once again. Not sure which shades to rock? Here are five of our favorites to get you started on this bold trend.

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BEAUTY / April 18 2012 9:07 AM

INDIE REWIND: 7 Beauty Products to Perfect Spring’s Pastel Eye

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Whether melon, robin’s egg blue or light bright yellow, pastel eyes are going to be everywhere this spring. Though it may conjure memories of cheap blue eyeshadow shattering on your bathroom floor as a teenager, this beauty trend is sophisticated and fun when done right. The key is to keep things simple when starting out, playing with one color at a time. Not sure where to go first? Here are seven of our favorite pastel beauty products that will help you master the look in no time.

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BEAUTY / March 9 2012 11:30 AM

Beauty School: 8 Hunger Games Looks & How to Master Them

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The Hunger Games movie is upon us, Indies. In fact, I just bought my midnight premiere ticket. But how in the world can we stave off the pain of waiting a minute longer to see Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark fight among 22 other tributes to the death on the big screen? We have eight Hunger Games beauty looks for you to enjoy before the lights go down and the curtain lifts on opening night. May the odds of mastering them be ever in your favor.

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BEAUTY / November 28 2011 12:01 PM

Brave Gal Transforms Her Face With an Expert Foundation Routine

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Cassandra, aka DiamondsandHeels14, is one brave girl. Troubled with severe acne, she has stepped up to show other girls her age how to properly apply makeup to cover up blemishes and scars. It takes balls to remove all of your makeup in front of friends, but what about taking it to the Internet where billions can see? Cassandra took the plunge to show the world what her skin really looks like and how she is able to conceal it with a well-rounded, yet heavy-handed, makeup routine. See the revealing video after the jump.

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CULTURE, FASHION / September 24 2011 2:34 PM

Anatomy of a Handbag: NYFW Spring 2012

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Now that the swarms of photogs, editors, bloggers, stylists and what-have-yous have descended on Milan Fashion Week, we here at FashionIndie can finally take some time out to reflect on the hectic week that was New York Fashion Week by rifling through our still bursting bags. Nothing tells the details of debauchery like the contents of a lady’s purse.

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