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FASHION / May 18 2012 2:45 PM

4 Weddings and How to Dress Appropriately for Each

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Weddings: a time of joy and extraordinary inebriation. We love a good wedding (reception), especially when it comes to getting gussied up for the occasion. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of appropriate wedding attire. At the last one I attended, I saw someone wearing jeans. JEANS! Granted this was in Ohio where the hillbillies roam free (love you homeland!), but the real truth stands, no one knows how to properly dress anymore. But if you need some assistance in this area, don’t fret. Here are four types of wedding – black tie, cocktail, daytime and casual – and the breakdown of what to wear for each.

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FASHION / May 26 2011 4:35 PM

Three 1-Bag Memorial Day Weekend Getaways: Let Us Do the Packing

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Ahh Memorial Day: beaches, bar-b-ques and bright sunny skies. The first long weekend to commence the summer is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited to get out of the city and into our new warm-weather clothes. Working in fashion, we know it’s difficult not to be a heavy packer, even when you’re only going away for a few days. So here it is, our picks for three one-bag Memorial Day getaways to the coolest destinations, each within a few short hours of New York City. And we’ve already done the packing for you, carefully outlined in the guide below. Happy holiday!

Three 1 Bag Memorial Day Weekend Getaways: Let Us Do the Packing

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