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Older stories
CULTURE, FASHION, MUSIC / May 10 2012 12:16 PM

Videography: Madonna

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Remember when Madonna was the coolest bitch on the face of the planet? It was some time around 1983 through 1990. During that time Madonna revolutionized the music video and set the bar for the modern pop diva. Through a series of reinventions, Madge inspired and disseminated trends, influenced a generation of women and put out some seriously great music. That’s not to say she stopped doing that after 1990, but that was by far her greatest artistic and stylistic period. Of course, being the cultural force she is, Madonna kept going and kept pushing boundaries — all the while blurring the lines between fashion and music so that today it’s unimaginable conceiving one without the other. So while it’s great to go googoo over Gaga, here’s what made (and still — when she feels like it) makes Madonna the coolest bitch on the face of the planet.

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EDITORIALS, FASHION / April 20 2012 12:41 PM

Suzie Kennedy Poses as Marilyn Monroe for USED Magazine

Edited by contributor Kenberly Paul highlights an editorial for USED Magazine, featuring a British Marilyn Monroe impersonator. See the gallery after the jump.

For their S/S 2012 issue, USED Magazine called upon British impersonator Suzie Kennedy in their fashion editorial ” Marilyn Moment.” Styled in retro looks by Prada, Commes des Garçons and Dries van Noten‘s spring collections by stylist Katy Lassen, Kennedy gives 100% Monroe with playful smiles and pin-up girl poses, captured by photographer Nik Hartley.

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CULTURE / March 30 2012 10:23 AM

Tits Ahoy!: Celebrating National Cleavage Day

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The Twitterverse is abuzz over National Cleavage Day, which it turns out, is actually a thing. A thing sponsored by Wonderbra. The boob-supporter conducted a survey of a thousand women to find out who had the best cleavage with the winner having the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Wonderbra Cleavage Hall of Fame — also a thing. So who did women choose as the rack of ages?

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BEAUTY / March 20 2012 6:58 PM

Nars & Andy Warhol Make Makeup Pop in New Collaboration

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While M.A.C. already nailed Marilyn Monroe, Nars is giving us a more saturated Marilyn for Fall. Nars is heading to Andy Warhol‘s factory to concoct a collection that Pops. Come October, we’ll see the super saturation that defines the pop art movement. They’re creating all new packaging for the collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation. So, eyeshadow in a can of Campbells? Lipstick in a banana?

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