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CULTURE, FASHION / June 27 2011 1:38 PM

What to Wear to a Gay Wedding

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Now that the gays are finally free to marry in New York, Barneys and bridal shops citywide will no doubt be bombarded with registries and hopefully “his and his” gown fittings. But just so happens, as the bill was passed this weekend,  I was attending a gay wedding in Provincetown.

‘Twas a lovely affair and a beautiful moment, made all the lovelier and more beautiful by the wardrobe choices of my dear friends and I, who trekked from our then-questioning state of New York to the brisk, open shores of Massachusetts. So with wedding season upon us and Neil Patrick Harris already planning his pas de bourrée down the aisle, what does one wear to a gay wedding?

What to Wear to a Gay Wedding

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