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Older stories

Where There’s Le Smoking, There’s Bound to Be Fire

To kick off June, our month dedicated to “Men,” let’s take a look back at that classic menswear staple, the tuxedo, given a feminine touch by Yves Saint Laurent some five decades ago: Along with the bikini, the wrap-dress and the tranny heel, Le Smoking is the greatest sartorial invention of the past 50 years.

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Great Gatsby Trailer, Heidi Klum Pole Dances and Gisele Rumored to Be Knocked Up Again

- Business card. Of. The. Summer! You may have just met him…and this could be crazy. But here’s his biz card — call this guy maybe? [Paper]

Naomi Campbell celebrated her 42nd birthday lighting candles at a church in Jerusalem. No word if she later burned said church down. [Racked]

The Great Gatsby trailer has finally premiered and one thing is obvious: the costumes are great and gasp-y. Trailer after the jump! [Huff Po]

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Happy Birthday Naomi, ALT Explains Why Beyoncé Can Be Late to Whatever the Hell She Wants and the Worst Wedding Accessory Ever

Glee‘s season finale is nigh and in celebration, a look back on Kurt Hummel‘s most daring fashion choices from the third — and if I do say worst — season. [Vulture]

- It’s her birthday and she’ll slap you if she wants to. Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell! The volatile super turns 42 today. Why not celebrate by hurling your phone at an insolent insubordinate?

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Queen Elizabeth II — Her Royal Fierceness, Vidal Sassoon Goes to the Big Salon in the Sky and Kim Kardashian Allegedly Banned from the Met Ball

- While her high-profile, high-drama courtroom saga is now over, we can finally reflect on what really mattered during the Linda Evangelista child support trial: her FAAAAAABULOUS wardrobe. [NYT]

Jourdan Dunn will be cooking with Hov. The Brit beauty tweeted that she’ll be appearing on Jay-Z‘s website, Life and Times – never heard of it till now — where she’ll be doing a cooking segment. [Modelinia]

- Kate Middleton who? For the State Opening of Parliament this morning, Queen Elizabeth II showed the Duchess of Cambridge how to royally turn it. Everyone else, just drink it in. This is what amazing looks like. [Styleite]

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