Get A Tattoo Receive 25% Off

Get A Tattoo Receive 25% Off

Eponymy, the Brooklyn boutique and art gallery full of Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania line, Bliss Lau jewelry and Mike & Chris will give you a 25% discount but only if you get a tattoo.

Adam Paterson, of Jersey City Tattoo Company, will be in the store this Saturday for their party, Ink Well. Tattoos will cost only $20 to $40 (great deal but seems a bit fishy). Choose a design or come up with your own, stop by and shop and maybe you’ll come out with a great dress and a tattoo of your current bf…

466 Bergen St and Adam  from noon to 7 Saturday April 11th

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Mike & Chris First Ever Sample Sale

Mike & Chris First Ever Sample Sale

Comme On!

Comme On!

Men's Polka Dot Tee: $99.99

Comme On!

Women's Ruffle Dress: $557.89

Comme On!

Polka Dot Wallet: $110.99

Comme On!

Men's Pea Coat: $599.99

Thanks to the non-existent Mike & Chris sample sale yesterday (can you tell I’m still bitter about that?), I didn’t stand a chance trying to snag the Comme des Garcons for H&M leftovers. This morning, I decided to check out eBay to see exactly how much people were reselling the limited edition collection for. Take a look at the prices…these people are crazy. With the economy the way it is, do people honestly think someone is going to cough up $600 for a typical black pea coat? For that price you could buy TWO of the awesome YMC belted coats from Oak!  Nearly $115 for a simple black wallet? Give it a month or so and the zipper on that wallet will be broken. Personally, I’d rather save that money and splurge on a Marc by Marc zip around wallet that will actually last me several years! And sorry Corey, I know you love your polka-dot tee, but buying something so simple for $100 on eBay is ridiculous! 

I would really like to know how much these pieces actually cost to make, how many 4-year-olds were forced to sew them in sweat shops and why on earth some people would re-buy these items for such absurd prices. 

The Debbie Downers: Mike & Chris

The Debbie Downers: Mike & Chris

I got two hours of sleep last night, nearly missed my 8:00am class, and was caught in the rain during a pranked fire alarm while my omelette got cold and soggy inside. But who cares, today marked the day of the Mike & Chris sample sale, an epic fashion event I was sure to exploit. An excellent remedy for my day if you ask me! 

So, I’m headed to the subway when I get a depressing call from my roommate, probably one of the biggest Mike & Chris fans I know. Apparently, the W 36th street location was completely empty, lights off, without product inside and a sign on the door saying that the merchandise never showed up and the sale was cancelled until further notice. Awesome. 

Yesterday I reported that the brand is rumored to be going belly up. However, the sales director at the California base refuted that statement and claims that the company is merely “restructuring.” So that’s what they call it when the company mysteriously doesn’t pay their employees? 

Dear Mike and/or Chris: Whoever the screw-up is that failed to show up with the clothes, advise him/her to flee the country before I sick all of my fashion-savvy friends and his/her ass. As for you two, get your shit together and don’t waste my time again…I could have been duking it out with the thousands of people at H&M for Comme des Garcons.  

Trust me, I’m not one of those girls who will tell her readers a sample sale is cancelled just so I can have the best pick in the store (although, that’s not a bad idea…) If you don’t believe me, check out Racked…they posted the bad news too!

SALE ALERT! Mike & Chris

SALE ALERT! Mike & Chris

This is the happiest and saddest day of my life. Happy…huge sale. Sad…Mike & Chris is going belly up. Might as well milk this sale for all it’s worth, it’s the last we’ll see of this awesome label.


Where: 447 West 36th Street, 5th Floor

When: Tomorrow and Friday, 10am – 7pm; Saturday, 10am – 3pm

Why: It’s Mike & Chris’ first ever sample sale in New York, and they’re going all out: Leathers $200 – $600, Fleece $20 – $160, Tops $20 – $120, Bottoms $30 – $140, Dresses $30 – $200, Purses $150 – $430.




Thanks Fashionista

It’s Cold Outside…Accessorize!

For one reason or another, NY Magazine always decides to take it upon themselves to come up with their 100+ picks for their favorite/trendiest sweaters, jeans, cocktail dresses etc. Well, their recent 130 picks for the best gloves, hats and scarves did anything but keep me warm. After filtering through several pages of hideous fascia slouch hats and typical plaid scarves, I found my top five accessory picks from the Shop-A-Matic list. Voila: 

Its Cold Outside...Accessorize!

Plait Cheek Fedora by Alpinestars ($36)

Ah ha! I spot a straw hat (as seen in the Coco Chanel documentary!) ready for winter! So it might be a season early for a hat like this, but pair it with a cute layered black outfit and you’ll look stunning!

Its Cold Outside...Accessorize!

Leather-Trim Cable Knit Glove by Banana Republic ($39)

If you’re going for a more classy look, pair these gloves with a nice black sweater and a sleek black coat. They might be a bit preppy but the leather trim erases the “blah” from the typical cable-knit glove.

Its Cold Outside...Accessorize!

Spalding Avenue Scarf by Mike and Chris ($98)

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the trend of breaking fashion rule #3 and actually wearing black and brown together. I recently bought a pair of black and brown leather boots and despite it’s masculinity, this scarf would look killer with them!

Its Cold Outside...Accessorize!

Teo Hat by Theory ($95)

They might be everywhere, but I love the saggy knit hats. Worn slouched off the back of your head, this hat is a nice alternative to the winter beanie hat. Make sure you pair it with a good outfit or else you’re going to blend in with the rest of the hipster population.

Its Cold Outside...Accessorize!

Felt Fedora with Grogorian Ribbon Trim by Hat Attack ($98)

Hands down my favorite. Who needs a traditional fedora when you can have one decked out in felt. Wear it inside. Wear it outside. Just wear it…it rocks. 


Thanks Shop-A-Matic!



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