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It’s Official: Esquire UK Names Miranda Kerr Sexiest Woman Alive

We sometimes find ourselves talking about Miranda Kerr as if she is one of the girls. From swooning over her adorable son Flynn to sometimes spotting her about in NYC, she can sometimes seem like a regular gal. But we were harshly reminded of the drastic space between our worlds when Ms. Kerr was recently named sexiest woman alive by Esquire UK. Shocker, right?

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Celebrities Wear T-Shirts?

Regular folk can get away with wearing witty boy’s and girl’s  t-shirts, but celebrities? We prefer to see them in ground-sweeping ball gowns and pretty little things the every-gay can’t just wear on the fly. So why wear tees when the sartorial world is at your fingertips?  Is it the comfort? Maybe. The message across the front? Less likely. But point is, if you can afford Dior, we’d really like to see you in Rick Owens. How do you feel about celebs in t-shirts?

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BEAUTYFUL | January 17

Regal and Classy: How To Rock The 5 Minute Editor In Chic Hairdo

As an editor you’re beyond busy, you live, love, breathe, and every other feeling in between your job. So today it’s all about the best and easiest hair perks aka how to rock the slicked back ponytail. We used FashionIndie’s editor in chief @iamsamlim to show you exactly how this look works and used a couple of celebrities rocking this look for a bit of inspiration. From Kim Kardashian to Miranda Kerr the madness all after the jump.

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The Ladies Who Hunch: The Best and Worst Selling Cover Girls (and Boys) of the Year

Some gals got it and some gals would sell their first born just to get it — that “je ne sais quoi”, that “It” factor that makes men want them, women want to be them, and magazine editors want to put them on their covers. But even with that hard-to-categorize quality, the magic can fall short. Some gals can sell a magazine and some gals should stick to their day jobs, starring in movies, recording dance-pop hits and whoring their lives out on basic cable. Assembled here are the biggest winners and losers of the Great Magazine Cover War of 2011.

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