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BEAUTY / April 14 2011 5:07 PM

The Best Natural Skincare for Your Body

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It’s no secret that eco-friendly ingredients are the best choice both for your skin and the environment. During Earth Month, we are trying to bring you the very best natural products to enrich your fashion and beauty regimens while maintaining Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. Today, we will look at our bodies and some of the products to nurture it best. Here are our picks for the best natural body products to nourish your skin so you can look and feel great this spring.

The Best Natural Skincare for Your Body

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BEAUTY, ODDITIES / July 10 2009 12:58 PM

LAST NIGHT’S PARTY: Lipgloss, High Heels and Poise

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LAST NIGHTS PARTY: Lipgloss, High Heels and Poise

Karen Robinovitz and Drew Linehan

LAST NIGHTS PARTY: Lipgloss, High Heels and Poise

Most fashion events leave you with a handful of new acquaintances, a stack of useless business cards and a seemingly incurable hangover. Leave it up to the ladies at Purple Lab to turn the tables and supply me with a newfound obsession in Purple Lab beauty products, the grace needed to light up a room, the ability to walk like a supermodel and some great new friends! Yesterday evening, I got in touch with my feminine side by trading in my harem pants and boyfriend blazer for some Coach stilettos and a slinky Mint dress and joining in on all the beauty talk. 

Purple Lab is one of the newest and most innovative beauty lines on the market, staying on top of trends while providing women with dual-action products and a message of female empowerment. As the brainchild of  fashion and beauty Renaissance woman, Karen Robinovitz, who knows the industry, inside and out, Purple Lab hit shelves in May 2009 with six of the best lip-glosses I’ve had the pleasure of trying. With adorable names like “Red Sole,” inspired by the soles of Christian Louboutin heels, and “Worship Kate,” Kate Moss that is, the Purple Lab glosses are equipped with stunning color, lip plumper and an array of bonuses like soothing lemon peel or Hoodia, the appetite suppressant. Purple Lab is projected to launch a line of skin-care products as well as other types of makeup in the near future. 

Following their motto of female confidence and pride, the ladies at Purple Lab brought in supermodel runway coach, Drew Linehan, to teach us how to be the envy of all the social gatherings and walk like a supermodel. After throwing my shoulders back, sticking my chest out and owning my personality, Drew flattered me and complimented me on my Erin Wasson-esque, quirky walk! While all the ladies looked fierce stomping down our makeshift runway at The Gates, I must say, Karen, at a mere 5’2″, had the presence of Gisele! 

Sound fun? Well you don’t have to be name in the fashion/beauty scene to join in on it! Purple Lab is all about their customers, so if you show an interest in the company, you can expect an invite to Purple Lab’s next event, or better, a Tweet-Up session at Karen’s apartment! I might not be the biggest makeup/ beauty guru out there, but Purple Lab is one brand you need in your purse at all times!

Stay tuned for videos from the event as well as Purple Lab giveaways! 


Purple Lab products can be found at a variety of stores like Scoop, Fred Segal, Bliss, C.O. Bigelow and online at


Check out Purple Lab here

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Uncategorized / April 16 2009 3:28 PM

The Low-Down on Loehmann’s

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The Low Down on Loehmanns Lord only knows how many times I passed by this store without the “hmm, maybe I should check this out” thought running through my head. After several  designer budget-saver recommendations and a bit of fashion evidence from some friends, I decided to set my ego aside and pay a little visit to the Loehmann’s Chelsea location. 

The first several visits left me unimpressed. The store was unorganized and crowded, wasting over 45 minutes of my life I was sure I’d never get back. Taking the wise advice of my mother, I gave the store a second chance, stopping in early on a Thursday (aka inventory day) just before February’s fashion week. Heading upstairs to “The Back Room,” the discounted designer label department, I was floored by how many great pieces there were by the fashion industry’s cream of the crop. $300 later, I walked out of Loehmann’s with over $2500 worth of  Robert Rodriguez, Vince, Mint and Helmut Lang clothes and accessories. Happy girl? You bet.

After probably a two month hiatus from the discount haven, I stopped by Loehmann’s this morning, Although I only purchased some jewelry (I got a Burberry-esque spike bracelet and a match necklace for $40. Beat that.) I was amazed to see dozens upon dozens of pieces from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 collection. The clothes might be two seasons old, but where else are you going to find a Marc Jacobs Americana romper marked down to just $70!? Other great buys included gorgeous Givenchy boot-heels, Comme des Garcons drop-crotch sweats (too bad they were a size 14…), a plethora of springy Philosophy dresses and tons of chunky Miu Miu, Carmen Marc Valvo and Badgely Misckha sunglasses. 

All in all, if you haven’t yet been to Loehmann’s, now is the time to check it out. But be forewarned, be there early on weekdays or be prepared to dig.

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