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SNEAK PEAK: The Beautiful Life

SNEAK PEAK: The Beautiful Life fashion

The Beautiful Life, staring and and , has been picked up by the CW network, and may end up being our guilty summer pleasure now that is over.


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MAG HAG: Misha Barton for FHM April 09

MAG HAG: Misha Barton for FHM April 09 fashion

MAG HAG: Misha Barton for FHM April 09 fashion

MAG HAG: Misha Barton for FHM April 09 fashion

kits the cover of in April 09….

Can’t decide if I like the way she looks, something is a bit off, but her hair looks fabulous. Think I will take this image to my hair dresser and see if she can duplicate the highlights.

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Sneak Peak: Misha Barton’s Vintage Inspired Handbags

Sneak Peak: Misha Bartons Vintage Inspired Handbags fashion

Another hour, another celebrity collection. This time; handbags. Misha Barton’s collection, inspired by vintage finds picked up across the globe, is the first from the actress – and it’s kinda impressive. There are over 30 pieces to choose from including a gorgeous brown leather clutch and slouchy grey tote, perfect buys to carry you through to next season. This clutch, for example, really cute shape, great closure detailing, perfect size for everyday carrying.

Source: Elle UK



Street Zwro: Mischa Barton. Again.

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa. Such a lovely face, and in the (increasingly rare) moments where you pull it all together, you look fab . But when you hit it wrong, you can’t get any worse. The multi-tonal hair I can excuse: both Keira (I’m willing to overlook her jumpsuit) and Johnny Depp have rocked it. But between the brown peep toe booties with the shiny black tights and frumpy yellow shorts and over-textured, over-patterned thing you’ve got going on from the waist up … and I’m going to stop now, because everyone, their stylist and their stylist’s mother can see that this is not working on every possible level.

Street Zwro: Mischa Barton. Again. fashion

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