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GET TO KNOW | December 20

Get To Know DIY Darling Grace Atwood

Grace Atwood, of the uber fabulous blog Stripes And Sequins, is one of the most talented and hardworking women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I met Grace a while back at a Rebecca Minkoff Girls’ Night Out event, and we quickly became besties. From the outside, her life seems perfect, she juggles work (she holds the position of Director of Social Media at Bauble Bar), her blog, and her personal life like a pro, and still seems finds time to have some fun. She brilliantly comes up with DIY projects that her readers devour, and brands line up to work with the maven.  I sat down with the influencer to discuss her career path, her favorite NYC spots, and her must have beauty products.

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POWDER ROOM | December 19

What Would Andy Do?

That’s the question François tried to answer when thinking of a way to get your medicine cabinet lusting for the NARS Andy Warhol Collection. Created in collaboration with Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron, the answer was a stylized film which evokes a feeling of what a modern day Warhol would create. Reminiscent of a series of screen tests created by the famed pop artist, the video has us longing for a fresh palate before the holiday break.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 7

Backstage Tips for the Backseat Taxi Beauty Fix

Need to refresh your shvitzing face and chipping nails between MILK and Lincoln Center? Especially with taxi prices up 17%, you’ve got to maximize your cab time. We asked the pros at Nars and Esse backstage at Creatures of the Wind, what’s the easiest way to fix our beauty blunders mid-ride, and their answers were surprising. 

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5 Beauty Bloggers Dish Favorite Summer Makeup

From your brows down to your toes, the makeup game changes as you enter the summer months. So we asked five of our favorite beauty bloggers which products they’re most excited about this summer. We found out the hottest red lips, the best bronzer for the desk-bound, the non-sticky lip gloss and more. Plus, how Thakoon serves up the color of the season. 

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Beauty: Orange You Glad It’s Sunday?

It’s Sunday, and we’re hungry for a beauty brunch. What’s on today’s menu? Bright, warm, sunny orange lips have been an obsession for some time now, and with summer on the horizon, it’s time to flaunt them once again. Not sure which shades to rock? Here are five of our favorites to get you started on this bold trend.

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POWDER ROOM | April 24

Go Natural: 5 Non-Toxic Nail Lacquers

After we heard about the toxic nail polish debacle in California, we made it our mission to find eco-friendly, non-toxic polish that is safer for you and the planet.  Here are five natural nail polishes that don’t contain the “toxic trio” of chemicals (dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde) that’s been lurking in many popular brands.


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POWDER ROOM | March 20

Nars & Andy Warhol Make Makeup Pop in New Collaboration

While M.A.C. already nailed Marilyn Monroe, Nars is giving us a more saturated Marilyn for Fall. Nars is heading to Andy Warhol‘s factory to concoct a collection that Pops. Come October, we’ll see the super saturation that defines the pop art movement. They’re creating all new packaging for the collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation. So, eyeshadow in a can of Campbells? Lipstick in a banana?

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5 Steps to a Style Icon: Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh, the Lady Olivier, stole our hearts when she played one of the most iconic silver screen characters of all time, Scarlett O’Hara. An Oscar winner for her roles in both Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire, Leigh possessed both talent and incredible beauty. When it came to style, Leigh was always dressed like a lady, a style we’ll never get tired of channeling. How can you get her classically beautiful look? We’ll show you in five easy steps.

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POWDER ROOM | January 6

Eye Spy Vibrant Jewel Tones: Bright Liners & How to Wear Them

It’s time to brighten your outlook, boys and girls, because winter isn’t getting any shorter. Do away with your smokey palette for once and take a turn for the rainbow. A little frightened to jump head first into bright colors? Jewel tone eyeliners are bold without being over-the-top, and they have been everywhere as of late. Here are four of our favorite hues to play with, how to wear them and what they’ll do for your eye color.

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POWDER ROOM | September 21

Art of Dark Lips

The coming months bring a dichotomous chill of opposites on the lips. You’ll find yourself wanting to either keep them bare, or douse them in deep hues, nothing in between. We’ve told you about the Dolce & Gabbana miracle nude, now let’s explore our dark side. Think heavy berries, plum noir and espresso…

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