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FASHIONVILLE | December 19

A Moment with Wes Gordon

Walking through Bal Harbour, after a week of partying with the art scene’s finest, we spotted a familiar face, Mr.Wes Gordon, a New York City transplant, who was hosting a trunk show at Neiman Marcus. We chatted up the designer and walked through his Spring collection, falling in love with the Atlanta-native’s down to earth demeanor and luxury sensibilities.

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Isn’t Basel an Herb? and Other Questions from an Art Miami Newbie

If you follow us on social, you already know that we’re living it up in Miami. Not only did we come here to celebrate the taking back of Fashion Indie, we are here to attend some major industry events at Art Basel.

From Dec 6th to 9th, Miami will see its 11th edition of Basel, the most prestigious and talked about art show in the Americas. The exhibits showcase some 2000 artists, and the fashion industry has definitely taken notice, hosting parties and pop-up shops throughout the events gallery shows.

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Hangover Hanger: Today’s Best Online Sales

Sunday Hangover [suhn-dey, hang-oh-ver]  (noun): The horrific hangover one wakes up with after a weekend full of drunken debauchery.

Partying your Saturday night away can be a blast, but waking up hungover the next morning may just be the worst feeling ever.  Our favorite remedy: a bunch of online retail therapy, direct from your bed. Here are our recommendations of where to shop this weekend.

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POWDER ROOM | September 20

The Best Makeup Removers on the Market

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than scrubbing at your eyes in the sink, only to find yourself with stubborn raccoon eyes.  Makeup these days seems harder to take off than ever, and when you bring “waterproof” into the picture then you might as well forget about it.  We have 5 rad makeup removers that will make the task a bit less tedious.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 4

A Skincare Routine for Every Budget

Living in the city is expensive. Between taxi fares (did you hear they raised them by 17% today?!) and endless Duane Reade receipts, it’s essential to learn how to shop on a budget. Beauty products can rack up quite the bill, but luckily there are cheaper options of our favorite products available. We’ve found a few that you won’t want to miss.

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Top 5 Face Masks to Get Your Skin Baby Soft

Mud masks, fruit masks – we love them all! Sure, they make us look like temporary Avatar creatures, but they also make our faces baby smooth. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. A little vitamin D is divine, but all that summer sunshine exposure can do some serious damage in the long run. Repair your complexion with these 5 refreshing face masks.

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