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Older stories
ACCESSORIES | September 21

I Still Love Neon Plastic Jewelry and Hotpants

When Williamsburg-er Carrie Morrissey got herself a laser cutting machine, she picked up some neon plastic and got to werq. Glowing stackable rings, plastic shimmies, and larger than life necklaces and cuffs are turning it out for Spring 2013. She started with lace safety shorts, but now the cutouts are all of her own devise. She’s making both wild neon leggings and jewelry, but her message is loud and clear: I Still Love You NYC. Watch the creepy/cool video ahead. You’ll definitely still love us afterward.

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NYC, STREETSTYLE | September 1

What the Last Night of Burning Man Looks like in NYC

Black Rock City came to Brooklyn last night as the closing ceremonies of Burning Man were live streamed onto bubbles of sheets that contained cuddle puddles. This is Disorient NYC, where costumes are handmade, the dancing is electronically unstoppable, and most would have rather been in the middle of the desert doing it. Be dazzled by some of the wildest burners not at Burning Man

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STYLE | August 29

Showing Love in a Sneaker Wedge for Serena Williams in the US Open

Serena Williams is kicking some serious a$$ at the US Open. Beating Coco Vandeweghe 6-1 seemed like a cake walk for this twin winner. Perhaps there was something in the way she matched the tennis ball that made her score so high? Well, her neon take on the court makes us want to blind everyone around in victory, too. Get the bright hot look ahead, and show the love. 

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