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FASHION / January 3 2012 4:00 PM

Loco for Leather Blouses

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Leather is like the universal language of love. What is better to both give and receive than a jacket, gloves, handbag or wallet made with a soft and buttery hyde? As the new year calls for new fashion obsessions, this material has been taking another garment by storm. Joining the ranks of popular leather goods is the blouse and, like it or not, we’ve been seeing it everywhere. When done well, it looks chic and surprisingly quite delicate. After seeing these eight leather blouses we want hanging in our closets, tell us, do you love or loathe the trend?

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CULTURE / January 3 2012 7:30 AM

Christian Louboutin’s Fairytale Beginning: As Told by Net-a-Porter

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Somehow this got lost to us amongst the shuffle and kerfuffle of the holiday season, but Net-a-Porter opened up its storybook of Grimm’s Fashion Fairytales to tell the story of Christian Louboutin, in celebration of the master cobbler’s 20th anniversary. Making animated guest appearances in this tongue-in-cheek account of Louboutin’s rise to prominence are Helmut LangGrace Jones, Yves Saint Laurent and his muse Loulou de la FalaisePrincess Caroline of Monaco and socialite Hélène de Mortemart as the requisite fairy godmother. Snuggle up under the covers, kids, it’s sartorial storytime!

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FASHION / December 20 2011 12:05 PM

Jingle All The Bracelets

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I copied and pasted the lyrics of Jingle Bells into this post last night so I could cleverly doctor it into a fashion rhyme about holiday bracelets. Unfortunately I’m not a poet and what followed was truly horrendous blather that would scare away many of you, dear readers. I quickly abandoned the task to make banana oatmeal bread, but I do leave you with 10 glittering bracelets that jingle with jubilant cheer. Whether for the last week of holiday parties or a boozy New Year’s Eve celebration, your wrists will be stylin’.

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FASHION / December 5 2011 12:00 PM

7 Christmas Sweaters That Aren’t So Ugly

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Everyone has been to at least one ugly Christmas sweater party in his or her day. You scour the racks at Goodwill and Salvation Army until a fluff ball, glitter puff paint, Santa face-adorned piece of knitwear pops up for the pickin’. Sure it’s fun when there’s keg stands involved, but maybe you’re going for a more mature look this year. These seven not-so-ugly Christmas sweaters are festive and can be worn more than once. Plus, they’re actually pretty adorable.

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CULTURE, FASHION / December 5 2011 10:00 AM

25 Days of Gift Guides : 5 Gifts Under $50

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Maybe you got a bigger year-end bonus than expected this year. Or maybe you didn’t blow your entire wad on the Brown Thursday-Black Friday-Cyber Monday never-ending-retail-weekend of Hell. Or perhaps that Christmas fund you started at the beginning of the year has accrued some serious interest. Either way, you’ve got a little more than $25 to spend on gifts this year and you want to show that special someone in your life how much you mean to them with the help of our nation’s 18th president, Ulysses S. Grant. 25 Days of Gift Guides continues down Santa Claus Lane with five great gift ideas under $50

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