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CELEBRITY / February 10 2011 1:31 PM

Team Kardashian Vs. Team Jenner, Who Wins This Style War?

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From the first day I typed up my first FashionIndie post about the up and coming stars of the Kardashian‘s baby sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, I knew these two would be stealing the spot light sooner or later!… Let’s just see how much wild-child blood they truly have in those six inch Louboutin pumps! A little late but so worth mentioning, the sisters attended the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Premiere in Los Angeles on February 8th strutting the red carpet in none other than Christian Louboutin Clicky Pumps, and YSL ensembles!… I’m thinking Team Jenner all the way, thoughts?

Team Kardashian  Vs. Team Jenner, Who Wins This Style War?

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GIRLS, MEN'S / February 8 2011 3:29 PM

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Your Gay BFF

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There is usually one guy a girl can count on for the majority of her life. A man who shares similar likes, a man to talk to, and a man who will love her unconditionally.  Of course I’m talking about her gay best friend.  This Valentine’s Day instead of fretting over what to get  your boyfriend or husband, just get your gay lover something he’ll love you for on the 14th.

Valentines Day Gift Guide: For Your Gay BFF

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