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THE BURNBOOK / December 5 2009 10:21 PM

LOL: Waffles Girls Review ‘New Moon’ Fashion

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LOL: Waffles Girls Review New Moon Fashion

The Waffles Girls (including myself as the newest addition to the family) took down ‘New Moon’ fashion this week for the blog to the once popular online gameshow ‘BFF TV’  Check it out:

LOL: Waffles Girls Review New Moon Fashion

Fashion forecasters and tastemakers have long predicted the inevitable marriage between fashion and technology so it’s nice to see the costume department of New Moon really embracing this emerging trend. While still at least a season away from hitting runways, expect to see skin suits like the ones above (in most body types and ethnicities) on the racks of major retailers soon, and don’t be surprised if “abs” becomes 2010′s must-have look for back to school. – Icey Ana

LOL: Waffles Girls Review New Moon Fashion

From the bathroom to the runway, expect to see an emergence of the bathrobe hitting Paris, New York, and London in late 2010. Not only does the bathrobe compliment all figures, it encompasses comfort and style to create a look that is hard to resist. Dust off yours and try it with a skin suit today for a truly classic look. – Hood Charlotte

Check out what else we’ve got to say at the BFF blog

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Uncategorized / November 30 2009 2:40 PM

LOL: Edward And Jacob Are On The Same “Team”

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LOL: Edward And Jacob Are On The Same Team

Oh the joys of people will a big imagination and a lot of time on their hands. I think if this was real and Kristen Stewart wasn’t in Twilight/New Moon/All of those movies I would enjoy them a lot more. I’ll admit it…I saw New Moon on Thanksgiving…maybe I’ve got a softspot of 17-year-old boys with their shirts off…and maybe Robert Pattinson does too..

LINK LOVE: Buzzfeed

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Uncategorized / October 1 2009 3:46 PM

LOL: Hot Topic Fails To Impersonate Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart

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Picture 6

My sister, the ultimate Twilight fan, sent me a link to this silly little picture. I’m sorry, but I think Robert Pattinson is really hot, and I think this guy is really NOT. I guess if the Twilight characters were emo, they’d look a little like this.

Get ‘New Moon’ gear at Hot Topic (you too can impersonate Edward and Bella)

LINK LOVE: Twilight Lexicon

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