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New Year, New ‘Do: Kim Kardashian Got Bangs

Kim Kardashian rang in the year 2012 with a bang, and we are talking about her hair. The recent divorcé celebrated New Year’s Eve at Tao Las Vegas with newly cut fringe and a hefty paycheck – she reportedly made $600,000 just for attending the party. Though all this information makes me incredibly nauseous, I must say the bangs suit her. She went from banging Kris Humphries to banging herself on NYE and hey, I guess she looks pretty good.

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Even Elephants are Getting Pedicures for NYE

Okay, so maybe these elephants weren’t getting their nails did for New Year’s Eve per se, but they did get all dolled-up in Nepal for a three-day, elephant-themed festival. Bright colors were lacquered on their tootsies with a paintbrush as bright, beautiful designs were drawn on their faces. The festival was held to encourage Nepal tourism and raise awareness about preservation efforts. It included such events like an elephant beauty pageant, elephant soccer and elephant races. But we’re more interested in the types of nail art that could happen with toenails this big! See photos after the jump.

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CULTURE CLUB | December 31

New Year’s Eve Bubbly Under $10

So you’ve blown your budget on a new New Year’s Eve dress, sparkly shoes, and whatever else you’re blowing, but you’ve gotta pop a bottle at when the ball drops! No need to go all highfalutin on your champagne flutes, just fill it with some cheap ass bubbly. You ought to have downed enough semi-classy cocktails before midnight, so you and your guests won’t even taste the mild plasticity. Here are your options:

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CULTURE CLUB | December 30

INDIE REWIND: 10 Stylish Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

I have never been one to have discerning taste when booze is involved. Lacking real liquor, I’ve been known to contemplate drinking mouthwash and/or rubbing alcohol just to get ma fix. But this year, I’m feeling all sophisticated-like and so I’ve compiled a list of libations that will at least make you feel classy, even as you’re dry heaving over a toilet at 12:01 come January 1st as your BFF holds back your hair…but not their judgement. Leave the beer at home, kids. This is grown-folk drinking.

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CULTURE CLUB | December 30

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel Wonder Cutely “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

Usually anything this sickeningly precious makes me want to turn violent, but my love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt knows no bounds and I’ve grown to appreciate Zooey Deschanel as well as her new sitcom, New Girl. The two adorable actors knew each other some eight years before teaming up for (500) Days of Summer (sidebar: totes one of the best post-millennial romantic comedies, by the bye) and they’ve hooked up again to bring us this nifty rendition of  a Nancy Wilson classic, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” Try not to smile from all the gosh darn cuteness. Go head, I dare you.

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POWDER ROOM | December 27

Crowned: 3 Wicked Hair How To’s For New Year’s Eve

As the countdown for the New Year begins, and the outfit planning gets chaotic, you could really use any beauty tips and ideas for this special day where everything is about a fresh start, new looks, and a new wardrobe. So, thanks to London born Kris Sorbie the Education Artistic Director at Redken 5th Ave,she has shared with FashionIndie  three speacial how-to’s for the perfect New Year’s Eve hair!

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CULTURE CLUB | December 27

Top 10 New Year’s Eve Hangover Cures

New Year’s Eve is the Super Bowl of drinking. Drunker than Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s gives you carte blanche to get apocalyptically trashed because once that ball drops, who knows what’s gonna happen. Well, there is at least one thing that is for certain and that’s a colossal hangover. So before you dip your entire body into a soothing bath of vodka and drag yourself out of the gutter five days later, take into consideration these ten tips for avoiding and curing the hangover that will set the tone for all hangovers in 2012.

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NSFW | December 27

Mens Essentials For New Years Eve

Whether you are partying it up in an upscale lounge or your best friend’s basement we’ve compiled the basic elements to make any New Year’s Eve outfit a hit no matter where you are.


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POWDER ROOM | December 26

Extreme Glitter Makeup: Inspiration for a Rockin’ NYE

New Year’s Eve is all about sparkle, from the dresses we wear to the champagne we’re drinking and the disco ball spinning above the dance floor. If you’re a lover of razzle-dazzle makeup just like us, adding shimmering, metallic hues and loose glitter to your beauty routine on the big night is not a foreign concept. Even if these extreme glitter makeup looks are a little over-the-top for your taste, they are sure to inspire your glitzy beauty routine come next Saturday night. Gallery after the jump.

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FASHIONVILLE | December 26

10 Shoes for a Sparkling New Year’s Eve

If your tootsies ain’t sparkling on New Year’s Eve, girl when will they ever?! Shimmy and shake your way into 2012 with a sparkle in your eye and glitter in your step. We found 10 shoes that shine no matter your budget. They’ll keep you spinning all through the new year. 

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FASHIONVILLE | December 21

Neil Patrick Harris’s Childhood Dreams Come True with Celebrity Price is Right

The Price Is Right holds a special place in my heart, and that place was 10AM on a sick day from high school. It also apparently held a very special place in a young Neil Patrick Harris‘s heart, and though his dreams of being a contestant were crushed from making it as a TV actor, he lived out his fantasy in the Bob Barker era on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Now, NPH gets to play a real round of his own on a charity celebrity Price is Right. And we’ll also find out if Snoop Dogg knows the price of anything besides a quarter of mary j. 

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FASHIONVILLE | December 20

Jingle All The Bracelets

I copied and pasted the lyrics of Jingle Bells into this post last night so I could cleverly doctor it into a fashion rhyme about holiday bracelets. Unfortunately I’m not a poet and what followed was truly horrendous blather that would scare away many of you, dear readers. I quickly abandoned the task to make banana oatmeal bread, but I do leave you with 10 glittering bracelets that jingle with jubilant cheer. Whether for the last week of holiday parties or a boozy New Year’s Eve celebration, your wrists will be stylin’.

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CULTURE CLUB | December 5

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber to Ring in the New Year in NYC

It looks like teen love birds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will be ringing in the New Year together in New York City. Gomez is slated to perform at MTV‘s NYE Bash and Bieber will join Lady Gaga, Pitbull and Hot Chelle Rae to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with hosts Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest. I wonder if the pop stars will share a midnight kiss?

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