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Nicola Formichetti Launches Bags for MUGLER

Nicola Formichetti, the overly busy designer, stylist, editor, and overall fashion guru, has recently launched a handbag collection for Mugler. “This is now my 4th collection as creative director of Mugler, and following the evolution of the brand, I was interested in creating sculptured objects in 3D, a piece of the Mugler world that one can carry around, an element that completes the look.”

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FASHIONVILLE | November 29

Behind the Scenes of @Formichetti’s Dazed & Confused Cover Shoot

Following in the footsteps of other musical muses (Gaga, Azealia), Japanese pop tart, Pamyu Pamyu finds a fan in super stylist Nicola Formichetti. With a music video already above 37,000,000 views on Youtube, singing sensation reminds us of a living Lisa Frank sticker book.

Nicola sits with the star, discussing her rise to fame, Nico Panda, and cute overload.

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Nicola Formichetti Creatively Directs Dark New Black Soft Music Video

The Black Soft, ie: the dark darlings of the underground fashion scene, just premiered their music video Day of Dead. After providing the runway tunes for Mugler men’s spring ’13 show, Nicola Formichetti stood as creative director of their eerie new film. The vid steers on the chic side of creepy with writhing near naked bodies, slow motion reverse-baptisms, leather cuffs and mad (cool) scientist glasses.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 26

Want to Attend the Thierry Mugler Show Tonight? Just Show Up, Nicola Will Figure it Out

After Thierry Mugler’s presentation of their first line of handbags, the runway is set to showcase their Spring 2013 show tonight during Paris Fashion Week. Usually if you are not a fashion editor or celebrity, snagging a seat at this coveted fashion show can be a bit of a challenge. But no worries, Nicola Formichetti tweeted this morning that no tickets are required, just show up if you want to go. 

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LINKLOVIN | September 10

Was Zombie Boy Arrested at Timo Weiland?

I spotted Zombie Boy first yesterday downing Avión tequila on the top deck of a yacht at cocktail hour before Asher Levine’s runway show. After Asher’s post apocalyptic adventure, he ventured onto Lincoln Center, crashed backstage at Timo Weiland and took off head to toe in Timo’s printed florals. Looks like he got caught. Where is Nicola Formichetti to bail him out now?

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Nicola Formichetti and Terry Richardson Take a Trip to Boys Town

Nicola Formichetti and Terry Richardson decided to double team a small army of boys for Vogue Hommes Japan‘s “Boys Town.” The result is an über stylish spread that brings to mind the heady male modeling days of the 1980s starring recent Humpday highlights Jordan and Zac Stenmark, Jesse Shannon, Rafael Perez, Arthur Gosse, Jamie Wise, Alexander Beck, Simon van Meerveene, Dae Na, Alex Michaels, Allen Taylor, German Ruiz, Hao Yun Xiang and fish-mouthed beauty Justin Halley. Seriously, I haven’t been so offended and/or inspired by a masculine face since Sebastian Sauvé slumped onto the scene. Anyhoo, take a ride into town with the boys of Vogue Hommes Japan.

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Azealia Banks Debuted Her Latest Track at Mugler’s Men’s Fall 2012 Show

As if we weren’t crushing on Azealia Banks enough — I mean, I almost death-dropped off my bike when “212″ came on in my spinning class yesterday (and yes, I take a spinning class) — the raptress/bad bitch decided to take up with fellow crush and superstar stylist Nicola Formichetti, who styled her latest video. Inevitably, there will be Lady Gaga comparisons, but aside from generally shutting it down, the two don’t have that much in common. Banks, however, did take a page out of the Lady’s playbook by debuting her newest track at the Mugler show in Paris. Check out the Mugler Men’s fall 2012 runway film, featuring Azealia Banks’ “Bambi,” after le jump! 

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Mugler Super Man Fall 2012 Takes Paris

It’s the SuperTailor look. You know, the kind of tailoring made out of superhero materials like neoprene, rubberized cotton, jacquard… okay that last one was more for the Marie Antoinette type, but she was a cake eating hero, too. Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer put out a collection of modern party-after-businessman looks for Mugler Fall 2012. It’s not as wild as the typical Thierry, but the textures carry historical silhouettes into overtime. 

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