RUNWAY: Generra Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear

RUNWAY: Generra Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear RUNWAY: Generra Fall 2010 Womenswear and Menswear

Generra designers Swaim and Christina Hutson, who previously owned and designed for Obedient Sons and Daughters, added some vibrant color to their simple, Nordic themed Fall 2010 collection. Those daring enough to wear bright royal blue, hot pink and kelly green will adore this collection filled with basic button ups, suits, skirts, sweaters and knit caps. Ladies can expect a number of color blocked and ruffled dresses and skirts as well as a few splotchy tie-dye pieces. It’s a relatively simple collection but with colors this intense, it’s equally as daring.


From Obedient To Hutson, Swaim and Christina Are Back!

From Obedient To Hutson, Swaim and Christina Are Back!

From Obedient To Hutson, Swaim and Christina Are Back!

A few weeks back we announced the official farewell for label Obedient Sons and Daughters. After canceling what was supposed to be the label’s last runway show and popping out a tyke, we thought designers Swaim and Christina Huston were saying sayonara to the fashion industry. Assumptions make an ass of you and me, because the designers aren’t done, they’re only beginning with a new label! The Hutsons will debut their new collection under the label “Hutson” next week. We are expecting classics with a bit of a twist! Welcome back Swaim and Hutson! 


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QUOTABLE: Salesman at Obedient Sons & Daughters Sale

QUOTABLE: Salesman at Obedient Sons & Daughters SaleKirby: “So, what are you going to do with all of the inventory you don’t sell by tonight?”

Salesman: “I don’t know. We’ll probably archive it. No, maybe we’ll burn it. Better yet, we’ll smoke it!”

Last Day For Obedient Sons & Daughters

Last Day For Obedient Sons & Daughters Despite what other sources say, the last day for the Obedient Sons and Daughters sale is TODAY. I made the quick journey downtown to check out what was left of the label, and was surprised to see essentially everything shown during their  s/s 2009 collection as well as bits and pieces from the fall. I must admit, garments were pretty pricy for a folding company ($195 for skirts and $125 for shorts) and sizes were limited. Complain about the price and small sizes if you must, but the craftsmanship of these garments is absolutely impeccable. I snagged a pair of tweed, long-john style, high-waisted English riding pants for a mere $75! 

Sales ends at 6pm tonight, so you’ve got three hours until the label is history! 


110 Greene St. near Prince. (location is not store-front property)

Now What Suit Will Barack Rock?

Now What Suit Will Barack Rock?Tragedy struck the White House late Friday evening. Hartmarx Corp., President Barack Obama’s (ahh, I love saying that!) favorite suit company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving our President cold, naked and alone. Maybe this is good incentive for him to get cracking with economic rehabilitation or simply go shopping for a new designer! Whatever the case may be, we sympathize with you, Mr. President. After all, we share in your sympathy as Obedient Sons and Daughters as well as Bill Blass are pushing up daises. 


Thanks WWD!

From Our Archives: Obedient Sons and Daughters Fall 08

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This collection for men, and now women showed us what the future can look like- a blend of traditional menswear fabrics and silhouettes – wool continental jackets, pinstripe woven shirts– with hunting elements such as riding jackets, hunting trousers with patched knees, and neck ties all styled and cut with a rock and roll attitude. the collection’s connections to the music scene are still apparent– the clothes still had a cutting edge that would suit any rock star– leather MC jackets, pointy boots, and a surprising brocade smoking jacket that was reminiscent of Chinese waiter uniforms from the 70s..

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NY Fashion Week: Obedient Sons And Daughters

On September 6th, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominees Swaim and Christina Hutson, the design duo behind Obedient Sons and Daughters, presented their Spring 2009 collection at Industria Studios in New York City.

Obedient Sons was founded as ‘an exploration of the ambition of youth’, combining meticulous tailoring with a rebellious sensibility. Drawing inspiration from cults and communes, their Spring collection presented their sons and daughters in a serene and bleached-out palette, wearing similar versions of the same ideas. Perfectly tailored linen and cotton jackets were given an edgy spin, partnered with high-waisted shorts and trousers. Hand-knit sweaters and lace dresses in subdued shades were accessorized with white floppy lace hats and platform heels. Their Spring motto was ‘Turn on, tune in and drop out” which was hand-embroidered in loopy scrawl on a grey pantsuit worn by both a male and female model, as well as this sentence: “Is there life after youth?”

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