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FASHIONVILLE | February 25

Oscars Red White and Black

Red, white and black. We’re seeing a trend here.

While some may say navy was the shade of the evening, my fashion-curated eyes saw another trend, winners in red dresses, white gowns and black sequined stunners. Inspired by the colors of Olay, which are always on trend,┬áI tracked down a few of the winning looks of Hollywood’s biggest and boldest night. Basically, I act like every other girl in world today and ooh and ash over all the pretty dresses. God, I pray I one day am forced to look this good.

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NSFW | March 22

Olivia Munn Rides a Unicorn

Olivia Munn Rides a Unicorn
Olivia Munn is seriously the type of girl every girl should aspire to be/hate furiously. She’s incredibly hot, loves video games (she’s the host of Attack of the Show, a G4 show) and NOW SHE HAS A FUCKING UNICORN!!!! Seriously girls, give up. Munn wins.

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NSFW | October 21

Vote For…Gap To Die

Gap is currently┬árunning their new Vote for _. campaign, which consists of celebrities saying what they are voting for. Despite the fact that Perez Hilton is in this and is reason enough for me to not buy this crap, they are also opening a pointless store on 5th ave. where people can go to get their shirts customized. I would rather scribble it in myself then have to pay even more for this stupid shirt. Say what you will about the new presidents and debates and what not, but I’m sick of it. Can’t we just be done with it already?

Thanks to Youtube for the videos

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