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13 Designers Give Us the Details on their First Time

… in Vogue.

The Fashion Bible“, as many would call it, has helped discover and support the careers of some of the industry’s greatest artists. In celebration of my first day back at Indie, I take a  look back through the Vogue Archives to get the deets on when some of my favorite designers were first immortalized by the magazine’s glossy pages.

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What They Wore to the Whitney Art Party

As floral jello was disseminated from a white and silver coffin, Kalup Linzy was committing on-stage charactorial murder to the tune of the blues, and the elite attendees were placing bids by the thousands on up and coming art. With co-chairs and hosts ranging from Olivier Theyskens to James Franco to Julianne Moore the party was sleek, and the streetstyle was near neon-bright. 

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Videography: Madonna

Remember when Madonna was the coolest bitch on the face of the planet? It was some time around 1983 through 1990. During that time Madonna revolutionized the music video and set the bar for the modern pop diva. Through a series of reinventions, Madge inspired and disseminated trends, influenced a generation of women and put out some seriously great music. That’s not to say she stopped doing that after 1990, but that was by far her greatest artistic and stylistic period. Of course, being the cultural force she is, Madonna kept going and kept pushing boundaries — all the while blurring the lines between fashion and music so that today it’s unimaginable conceiving one without the other. So while it’s great to go googoo over Gaga, here’s what made (and still — when she feels like it) makes Madonna the coolest bitch on the face of the planet.

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Black Obsessions: Theyskens’ Twisted Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Olivier Theyskens‘ pre-fall 2012 collection consists of a whole lot of noir to choose from, it’s insane, compared to his Spring collection. In the swoo of all the grunge and casual twists to this very rebellious look, you almost just want to live in this. With the options of t-shirts, sparkle tights, and some leather lovin’ how can you not have a borderline fetish/obsession with this pre-fall 2012 look? Black and white perfection!

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Brood Spring 2012 RTW Collection

In its third season to date, the Spring 2012 Brood collection is simply mesmerizing.  Showcased the basement of a Chelsea art gallery, designer Serkan Sarier presented 12 ethereal looks on models surrounding a partially deflated metallic silver hot air balloon, an art installation portraying the reflective lights and shadows his pieces were designed around.  

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15 of Hal Rubenstein’s “100 Unforgettable Dresses”

InStyle‘s fashion director, Hal Rubenstein waxes iconic in his new book, 100 Unforgettable Dresses (Harper Design, 2011). From Rita Hayworth in Gilda to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Princess Diana to the Duchess of Cambridge, Grace Kelly to Grace Jones, Bob Mackie to Karl Lagerfeld, Rubenstein delves into fashion history and comes up with an informative and entertaining read. But what makes a dress unforgettable? Calvin Klein — one of several designers interviewed for the book —  put it best: “an unforgettable moment is the combination of the right dress on the right woman at the right time.” Click through for a sampling of some of the dresses that made the list.*

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