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CULTURE CLUB | October 25

10 Songs For a Fierce Fashion Fall Playlist

With so many toe-tapping songs coming out as of late, our iPod playlists are stocked with the newest fresh tunes. And everyone knows that feeling when you hear a good song and can’t help but feel happy and confident. We’ve picked our top 10 favorite songs of the moment to put a smile on that face and turn your daily sidewalk commute in to a runway strut.

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FASHIONVILLE | September 7

The Good, The Bad, and The Meh: The MTV Video Music Awards Edition

Every year we look forward to one of the music industry’s biggest night’s of fashion, the MTV Music Video Awards. This year the stars pulled out some of their best… and worst sartorial choices and like always we are here to judge for you. After the jump see who were our favorites, not so much favorites, and the “oh my god what are they doing with their lives” choices. 

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Top of the Pops

Rolling along on our shirtless musical odyssey, this Male Model Humpday pays tribute to the cherubic heartthrobs of pop. Whether dancing in sync or crooning in the backstreets of love, these kids on the block know how to keep the girls and gays screaming. And even though Justin Bieber has the body of a prepubescent Japanese schoolgirl, he’s also here because there really is no bigger male pop tart on the planet than the Biebs. Catch the fever. 

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