Pete Wentz Mimics ‘Silence of the Lambs’

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After presenting his clothing collection, titled Clandestine Industries, during NY Fashion Week, Pete was carried out by two male models onto the runway wearing a mask and straight jacket. How very Hannibal Lecter!

QUEST: Who Makes More $ Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?

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Random argument happening at the office right now…which Simpson sister has more money, Jess or Ashlee (without Pete)? Jessica has a successful (don’t ask me why) clothing company, but Ashlee has a music and tv career. So who makes more?

THE TEN: Hot Mess’ (Via Buzznet)

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Eleven Past Eleven created a hilarious list on Buzznet in honor of Cobra Starship’s new album ‘Hot Mess,’ counting off the celebs (and wannabe celebs) that they believe to be a hot mess.  We usually love to have tens of our own, but this was too clever

THE TEN: Annoying Celebrity Multitaskers

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Unless you’re a Broadway star, you most likely can’t sing as well as you act. In addition, if you’re dumb enough to sell your soul to reality television, you probably aren’t literate enough to write a novel, let alone spell your name. That being said, it is beyond me how

BUMMER: Pete Wentz’s Bar Angels & Kings Temporarily Closed

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The NYC bar Angels & Kings has been closed temporarily.  Guess Pete didn’t hire the right bouncers, this bar was busted for serving alcohol to minors. Oops!
SOURCE: Perez Hilton

F*CK-UPS: Pete Wentz

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I’m beginning to think that the title “F*ck-Ups: Pete Wentz” is mad redundant.
Seeing your washed-up sister-in-law making headlines must make Petey feel mighty left out, so he’s taken to his blog to try to make news with his new pornstache.
He swoons, “i might bring

F*CK-UPS: Pete Wentz

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What a glorious sight to wake up to!
Tough guy Pete Wentz was spotted at LAX Thursday in furry black boots. Are they from the Jessica Simpson Collection?
Image from Just Jared.

QUOTABLE: Pete Wentz

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“I hunted her down and shot the dart in her. I just had to wait for her to collapse! Basically, I’m married to the person I’d be jerking off to.”

From his interview with the February issue of Blender, and yes, that is Pete Wentz above

Before They Had Stylist: Pete Wentz

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So we haven’t done a ‘before they had stylists’ in a while, were looking for the perfect celeb for the next one, and I believe it’s been well worth the wait.
Above is an image of recent Pete, and I must admit that he looks mighty HOT. I’m loving the

Fashion Quotable: Pete Wentz

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Pete Wentz reveals a bit more about his personal life:
“I was letting the blogs get to me. It’s semi-frustrating when your name actually becomes a synonym for douche bag. I’m paranoid pretty much all the time. I can take three Xanax bars and not feel a thing.”

One Of These Things Looks Just Like The Other…

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Warning: Pete Wentz is not a happy camper. If you don’t want to be impaled with emo music or marred with guy liner, I suggest you heed Wentz’s caution that Australian Kmart stores have ripped off his brand’s ugly animal cracker zip-up. The Kmart hoodies don’t have the thumbholes or

Five Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Pay For the Ashlee Simpson Baby Photos

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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have failed to find a buyer for their baby’s photos.
So Bronx Mowgli won’t be joining the annuls of celebrity spawn we actually give a fuck about. My suggestion to Ashlee is to just give this one up for adoption

Finally, Simpson Pushes Out Baby!

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People reported that Ashlee Simpson finally gave birth to a baby boy. His name…you better sit down…Bronx Mowgli Wentz.
So apparently it’s cool to name kids after boroughs and Disney characters, got it. Think I’m gonna name my child Queens Dumbo…

Fashion Quotable: Pete Wentz

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Despite the fact that he owns his own line of men’s eyeliner, Pete Wentz says he won’t wear eyeliner anymore. He said, ‘It became too expected. I like the way my eyes look now. I felt I looked too injured and tired and like

Fashion F*cks: Pete Wentz

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Gosh Pete Wentz, you are a huge douche. The whole point of jeans a hoodie is to be low key, why you are wearing those stupid ass sunglasses with that is beyond me. One piece of random, attention-craving, attire doen’t make you look trendy or even hipster. Those

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