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Older stories
FASHION | September 19

Exclusive Editorial: Sleek Peek Into Fall Fashion

The cooler coming months bring out our appreciation for austere tailoring, experimental layering, & modern silhouettes.  Not to mention there will be no shortage of buttery leathers, fluffy furs (faux for our four legged friends), and rich silks.  A soft curve here, a peek of skin there, and you’re all set for a very stylish season.  To inspire your new autumn outfits, we pulled together our favorite items from our favorite brands  for this exclusive Fall fashion photo shoot.

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MUSIC | May 18

Creeper Alert: Why Photo Assistants Can’t Shoot On-Set Model Candids

If a model (or her agent) goes all diva, and storms out mid-session because some mildly creepy photo assistant snaps a sneak shot, your overreaction flags are likely to wave with a strong east wind. He’s a budding photographer, too, no? Well, this eerily rapped, music video for Shadow by Brooklyn-based recording artist Alan Wilkis, with Lyrics Born and White Hinterland, shows what happens when the model’s got a point. 

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FASHION | December 30

A Dazed and Confused Prince in Prints

Good morning brights! Dazed and Confused Fashion Editor and Stylist of Robbie Spencer saw visions of a thousand layers. Each peeling back to revel a new bright, a wild pattern and a vibrant color. Each image is a slightly different hue coming together with a finality that looks regal, and these royals are busy. Yannick Abrath poses as a kind of bored little prince inside the foofaraw.

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