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CULTURE, EDITORIALS / January 18 2012 8:14 AM

Plus Model Magazine and Fashion’s Obsession with Unrealistic Body Image

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The weight, dress size and health of models have always been hot-button topics, both in and out of the fashion industry. While runways are slowly shying away from the ultra-thin, heroin chic craze that dominated the late-90s and resurfaced in the mid-00s with all those pale, starving girls from Eastern Europe, and the CFDA has enacted initiatives to ensure the health and safety of models, there is still a large disparity between the average woman and what she sees when opens up the pages of Vogue. And with fashion, the trend simply trickles down to the rest of society. Just take a look at the skeletons on this Sunday’s Golden Globes red carpet. Bombarded with these images on a daily basis, how can impressionable young girls and women in general have a healthy body image? Plus Model Magazine decided to address this issue head-on with an editorial featuring Katya Zharkova and a handful of disturbing factoids.

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12 Days of Christmas: 12 Pairs of Tatas [NSFW]

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On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 pairs of tatas! It’s been a great year for topless editorial and no better time to celebrate our favorite snapshots than on the final day of the Christmas season. These ladies are celebrating in their birthday suits, and we love them for it. That’s right, even you Lindsay.

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INTERVIEWS, MODELS / February 8 2011 3:52 PM

Ford Models’ Blogger Damien Neva Gets An Exclusive Interview Special With Crystal Renn

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Gracing the pages of Vogue Magazine, being photographed by Terry Richardson, working with greats like Karl Lagerfeld him self and rocking Chanel like no other model in the world are just normal days for model Crystal Renn. And yet she stands humble and beautiful, let’s just say there’s a lot more to Miss Renn than the scandal of her weight loss after holding the title of the world’s most famous plus size model.

 Ford Models Blogger Damien Neva Gets An Exclusive Interview Special With Crystal Renn

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