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INDIE REWIND: 10 Stoner Style Don’ts for 420

To quote a famous poet, “I got the Rolly on my arm and I’m pourin’ Chandon/ And I roll the best weed ’cause I got it goin’ on.” Yes, we can all have it going on this April 20th, just the way his High Holy Snoopness intended it. 420 is like stoner Christmas — the holidaze to end all holidaze. You’re likely to see these mavericks of marijuana — these Wizards of Weedly Place, these potentates of pot intake — wandering the streets and haunting 7-11′s the world over, as out of touch as their wardrobes. Granted, the garden variety stoner is not what one would call a fashionista, but if they can they lift their dreadlocked heads from the sweet, sweet lips of their bong to take a look in the mirror, they can avoid these few style missteps and look as fly as they feel.

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St. Patrick’s Pucci Shamrock Shift

Oh my god! Oh! God! What does this mean?!? Oh my god! Oh Ohhhh God! It’s so bright! It’s so bright and vivid. It’s a vintage Pucci dress covered in shamrocks! It’s so beautiful! [Sobs with amazement.] [Laughs with joy.] And it could be mine in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Tell me what it means!!

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FASHIONVILLE | February 29

Ferragamo Fights the 2:30 Feeling. Starbucks Helps

Drowning in your busy world with droopy eyes around now? This printastic editorial from DisMagazine just perked us right up. With more prints than all of Spring 2012 combined, two faceless ladies lay tied up in the busyness of layered silk prints from Pucci, Etro, Missoni, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ferragamo and more of our patterned favorites. The spectacle (and an iced coffee) will have your eyes wide open and ready to get back to WERQ.

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FASHIONVILLE | December 27

Vogue Germany Rings in 2012 Like It’s 1929

As we run headlong into 2012, Vogue Germany is flapping back to the 1920s in their January issue. With a futuristic twist brought on by Chanel, Etro, Lanvin, Pucci, Tom Ford, Eddie Borgo and fabulous others, stylist Katie Mossman nails now’s twenties vibe. Meanwhile this Daga Ziober is stunning in a cropped red bob and irreverent attitude. 

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